Renascence 2019 (Chinese drama) Synopsis & Cast

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Renascence 2019, Chinese drama, Synopsis, Cast

Renascence 2019 (Chinese drama)

Native Title 凤唳九天
Subtitle English
Alternative title Phoenix Humming in the Sky, Feng Li Jiu Tian, Phoenix Day
Directors Romance, Fantasy, Tragedy
Screenwriters Chou Xing
Genres Liu Haibo, Shen Yang
Country China
Episodes 70
Release Date Nov 1-2019 ?
Airs On ?
Network iQiyi, Hua Hua Media
Duration 45 min.

Synopsis: Renascence

After being born again, a woman removes the obstacles in her way one by one in the name of revenge.
Yao Mo Xin, the queen of Great Chu, falls prey to the arrangements in the royal court. After a night of thunder and lightning, her soul is transferred to her younger sister Yao Mo Wan. At the moment, Yao Mowan was being chased by her enemies. She falls off a cliff and loses her memories.
A strange combination of circumstances makes Yao Mo Wan fall in love with Ye Jun Qing, a prince of Great Chu. When she discovers the truth about her identity, she enters the palace to take revenge on those who wanted to kill her. Finding the brain behind her death, she also realizes the true colors of King Ye Hong Yi and is determined to help Ye Jun Qing conquer the throne. Along the way she gets romantically entangled with various men who help her without asking.

Renascence 2019: Watch behind the Scenes

Main Actors: Renascence

Chen Zhe Yuan as Ye Jun Qing | Li Mo Zhi as Yao Mo Wan

Co-Stars: Renascence

Johnny Zhang as Ye Hong Yi | Yan Zi Dong as Han Jin Yi | Zhang Natalie as Yao Su Luan | Eva Cheng as Yao Mo Xin

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