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Gen Y 2 (Drama Info)

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Original title วัยรุ่นวุ่นYรัก 2
Type Thai Drama, Medical Student, Gay Romance, Adapted From A Novel
Subtitle English
A.k.a Gen Y 2 The Series
Director Nob Sathanapong Limwongthong
Screenwriter -
Genres Romance, School, Youth
Country Thailand
Total Episodes 12
Episode 1 Release date Dec 21, 2021
Finale episode date Mar 8, 2022
Airs On Tuesday
Broadcast on Channel 3, iQiyi
Runtime 60 min.
Where to Watch Gen Y 2 with English Subtitles
"Gen Y 2" is currently not confirmed to be released on OTT Streaming platforms.
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Gen Y 2 (Synopsis)

The feeling of frustration that arose with all the characters in Gen Y The Series SS1 will be addressed, especially with the abrupt ending of Pha and Wayu. Wayu decides to start a couple with Thanu, but it may not be easy because of the unclear relationship between Thanu and Phai.

At the same time, Mark and Kit have problems with distance and time. Before deciding to pause, they focused on temporary separation as an option. that can make them know each other's importance. Pok tried very hard to be better for Tong but he felt he didn't live up to Tong's expectations.

Also, Tong tried to give Pok all the best but he misunderstood that Pok never wanted that. While Wayu begins to open up to a new relationship, Mark and Kit's problems, Pok and Tong's conflict. Edit Synopsis

Gen Y 2 (Main Cast)

    Gen Y 2 Cast
  • Kimmon Warodom Khemmonta (Mark)
  • Gen Y 2 main role
  • Copter Panuwat Kerdthongtavee (Kit)
  • Gen Y 2 main role
  • Dun Romchumpa (Thanu)
  • Gen Y 2 Lead actors
  • Bas Suradej Pinnirat (Wayu)

  • Bonus Tanadech Deeseesuk - Tong
  • Bank Toranin Manosudprasit - Pok
  • Pon Thanapon Aiemkumchai - Phai
  • Bank Thanathip Srithongsuk - Sandee
  • Big Thanakorn Kuljarassombat - Pharawee
  • Bank Theewara Panyatara - Klui
  • Kad Ploysupa - Sab
  • Bank Theewara Panyatara - Klui
  • Tung Weeraphong Chankhamrueang - Kalae
  • Fergie Pawarit Power - Jew
  • Jame Kasama Khanjanawattana - Koh
  • Jet Jetsadakorn Bundit - Jack
  • Fluke Wachirawit Jaruruangphong - Taojiao
  • Haji Phee Pikulngern - Jigchow
  • Junior Ronnakorn Soontornnon - Padbok

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