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Plot Summary » Noble Aspirations III

Guiling returned to the Central Plains to destroy the Immortal Destroyer Sword to resurrect Bi Yao and meet Lu Xueqi again at the Moon Tower. Xueqi advises Gui Li to return to the path of righteousness, but Gui Li questions the distinction between good and evil. When the Beast God attacked Qing Yun Mountain, Gui Li was seriously injured by the sword and was saved by the Heavenly Sound Pavilion. He was saved by Master Pu Zhi, who reawakened his first heart, and obtained the Fourth Heavenly Book from the jade tablet without words. On the other hand, he is also the only one who is in love with Lu Xueqi, and he realizes that he is the only one who loves her. Lu Xueqi is forced to kill the controlled Tian not easily to protect Qing Yun Gate and destroy Dao Xuan. The King of Ghosts' ambition explodes, causing Mount Yuuki to collapse and Bi Yao to disappear. Instead, he realizes his true love and finds Xueqi again. However, the Ghost King revives Baguio and imbues her with the terrifying power of Shura. Faced with his former lover and the world at large, Ghost Knight finally understands that good and evil are in the heart of the people. With the help of Xueqi, he rebuilds the sword and returns to his old self to become Zhang Xiaofan, who stays with Xueqi for the rest of his life. *Edit Synopsis

Details » Noble Aspirations III
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Original title 青云志Ⅲ
Subtitle English
A.k.a Noble Aspirations 3, Qing Yun Zhi III, Legend of Chusen 3, The Legend of Chusen 3, Noble aspirations season 3
Director Han Xiao-Jun
Screenwriter Hana Li Jing-Ling
Genres Historical, Fantasy, Wuxia, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 80
Release Date 2021
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel Tencent Video
Runtime 45 min.

Main Character » Noble Aspirations III

 Noble Aspirations III Cast Han Dong - Gui Li
 Noble Aspirations III main role Li Man - Bi Yao
 Noble Aspirations III Lead actors Qin Jun Jie - Ceng Shu Shu
 Noble Aspirations III Lead actors Helen Yao - Lu Xue Qi
 Noble Aspirations III Lead actors Cheng Yi - Ling Jing Yu


  1. It cannot be that they have damaged the drama, I already lost interest

  2. It cannot be that they have damaged the drama, I already lost interest


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