Noble Aspirations III (2022)

Noble Aspirations III Drama Cast, Summary & Release date

Noble Aspirations III (Web Series)
Official Poster  Noble Aspirations III Poster
Original title 青云志Ⅲ
Subtitle English
A.k.a Noble Aspirations 3, Qing Yun Zhi III, Legend of Chusen 3, The Legend of Chusen 3, Noble aspirations season 3
Director Han Xiao-Jun
Screenwriter Li Jing Ling
Genres Historical, Fantasy, Wuxia, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 80
Release Date 2022
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel Tencent Video
Runtime 45 min.

Where to watch Noble Aspirations III online with English subtitles?
Noble Aspirations III is currently not confirmed to be released on OTT Streaming platforms.

Story Summary

In the battle between Guili and beast god, beast god is defeated miserably and is scattered all over he is still not dead; Guili / Zhang Xiao fan went to resurrect Bi Yao by gathering spiritual energy he gets almost successful but but is unable to wake Bi Yao. Ling long moved by Xiaofan / Guili love for Bi yao appears in her spiritual form as told Guili, as she was attacked by chusen sword her spirit was damaged greatly so he need to purify and collect the spiritual energy of the chusen sword by destroying the holy murderous sword of his own sect and aso to use holy items of all the renowned sects all over the continent to wake Bi Yao up from her coma as per the Ling long spirit were ling long was waiting for her lover (beast god) over thousand of years . Guili I could only help you to by letting you enter Bi yao's dream were you can get connected to her but it would need lot of your cultivation to do so. if your are ready i will use my witch technique to do so. he tells her that he would do anything for his lover and start the formation he meets her finally and reminisce all the tings and cried after 10 years and told her everything that had occur after her departure and shared a sweet moments. this news travel to ghost king and went to meet his beloved daughter along with Youji and her beloved once and were happy but distressed as she was unable to suffer again more in this state.

Ling long asked Guili for favor to help her to return beast god to good. Guili new journey start were the righteous sect will be the one opposing him and loose their status and do evil deeds in order to stop him, but will overcome and save Bi yao gradually and start fresh with her leaving behind everything along with his friends. Past of sect will be revealed between youji and elder master their story with happy ending along with all the love story having happy endings. Bi yao will be recovered completely in middle and their story will progressed and our hero will removed all the differences between the people helping people and will get his health damaged at end but would be saved with the help of his monkey and saved. years passed xiaofan and bi yao will live a happy life with their children in the world with full of hope and possibilities.

(beast god and ling long would help Xiaofan at one point and will loose their life in process with smile on face and tells each other to be together even after death)
Written by Monsterblue *Edit Synopsis

Actors and their characters

  •  Noble Aspirations III Cast Han Dong - Gui Li
  •  Noble Aspirations III main role Li Man - Bi Yao
  •  Noble Aspirations III Lead actors Qin Jun Jie - Ceng Shu Shu
  •  Noble Aspirations III Lead actors Helen Yao - Lu Xue Qi
  •  Noble Aspirations III Lead actors Cheng Yi - Ling Jing Yu

Supporting cast

  • Zong Feng Yan - Zeng Su Chang
  • He Zhong Hua - Dao Xuan
  • Xie Ning - Tian Bu Yi

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  1. It cannot be that they have damaged the drama, I already lost interest

  2. Yes this is the worst way to change the entire story. We (audiences) enjoyed the story becoz of the Bi yao and Zhao fan love story . Now i see the third season story and its ridiculous...

  3. yang zi is not in the drama anymore ???

  4. If you change the main character, only 1 person is okay, but this is immediately added 3 people which makes Lu Xeu Qi very disorganized again!!!
    #Liying Fei, Zanilia Zhao, Yang Zhi
    #The Legends Of Chusen
    #Season 3

    1. If you change the main character, only 1 person is okay, but this is immediately added 3 people which makes Lu Xeu Qi very disorganized again!!!
      #LiyiFeng, Zhaoliying, Yang Zhi
      #The Legends Of Chusen
      #Season 3

  5. why they think that changing the characters is going to be as successful as the first 2. You going to lose a lot of audience. the 3 main characters are gone that is a waste of your budget trash it, but still keep Qin Jun Jie and Cheng Ji they are the 5 main characters of the series

  6. It is totally bulsh*t... How rediculous there isn't any more season it is been 4 years..
    Also producer can't afford replacement of main lead

  7. Because of yang zi I watch many times but this season I won’t watch again...they change all the main leads not interested anymore

  8. Unreal. Change the whole damn story. Season 3 shouldn't been filmed.

  9. It will be very disappointed.. if they change the story line and the main character..

  10. Why why why... Changing the character 😭😭 it's so sad that waiting for more than 2year for season 3 and suddenly change the character. all the excitement are gone. I wish they didn't change the main character 🥲. anyway can't wait to watch the story behind, hope it will b happy ending and it will b good if they think for a fans who are dying the watch the season 3 like me 🥰😁

  11. I Just finish the season 1 and 2 and about to watch season 3 but then I didn't see the main character of season 1 and 2.So sad.

    1. May i know, How do you watch S3? i never found it...

  12. hello people you should not change the main or else the show will drope dead and its not something you should because just like other are saying we like to watch this show because of all the character that are in s1 and 2 so dont think about the characters.

  13. Totalement ridicule je suis très deçue aprè Gui Li a passé 10ans a chercher un moyen de reveiller son amour puis d'un coup IL va aimer une autre ridicule où est le vrai amour? s'il a passé 10ans sans renoncer a son amour pour quoi c'est maintenant qu'il va renoncer
    Pourquoi detuire la base de l'histoire?

  14. Why changing the characters 😭😭
    I think li yifeng is best for this drama 🙂
    And also waiting for sessions 3

  15. This is not going to happen. Waste storyline.

  16. Idi0ts😔😔💔

  17. Hope to see li yi Feng and zhao liying for season 3. We love them here, why change the main character? Even if they are not available for the moment, why not wait for them, since we already waited for 6 years.

  18. If zhanila zhao liying is not bi yao i dont want to watch season 3 at all, shes the one i like thats why i watch legend of chusen❣️

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