Save Me 2 구해줘 2 Korean drama 2019

Save Me 2 (two) 2019 Plot synopsis, cast, trailer, south Korean Tv series

Save Me 2 (2019)

Native Title: 구해줘 2
Alternative English titles: Goohaejwoe 2 , Rescue Me 2 , Save Me 2: The Fake , 구해줘 2: 사이비
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Psychological
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Airs: May 8, 2019 - Jun 27, 2019
Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday
Network: OCN
Duration: 60 min.

Synopsis of Save Me 2

Because their congregation must be flooded to make way for the construction of a new dam, the devout inhabitants of a rural village have put their trust in Choi Gyung Seok, a church elder who promises to move the herd. Choi tells the villagers that they will build a church and new housing, where they can all live together after the city is completely submerged. He also says that only 144,000 people can go to heaven, and that church sacrifices are mandatory if one wants to "secure" his place. Even the acclaimed Reverend Sung of the city, a young, handsome minister who apparently has the capacity to heal the sick, approves of Choi's plans. Behind his form of dedication, however, Choi is a practiced scam who acts as a representative of a fake religion; his real goal is to cheat the villagers from their resettlement compensation. The only obstacle to the arrangement is Kim MinChul, a skeptical outcast who accidentally discovers evidence of Choi's past crimes and suddenly finds himself becoming the center of resistance to the church institution.

Cast - Main role of Save Me 2

Chun Ho Jin as Choi Jang Ro | Uhm Tae Goo as Kim Min Chul | Lee Som as Kim Young Sun | Kim Young Min as Sung Cheol Woo

Save me season 2 korean drama (2019 )has released a character teaser with Uhm Tae Goo, Chun Ho Jin, Esom and Kim Young Min.

OCN's "save me 2 drama korea" is the story of a village driven into a corner, a false belief that saves it, and a man who stands alone to resist that belief. On April 11, a hair-raising teaser was unveiled for the savage characters, which raised the expectation for the drama.
The video starts with Kim Min Chul (played by Uhm Tae Goo), alone, over a bare field. In the background, priest Sung Chul Woo (played by Kim Young Min) says: "Father, please pursue the evil energy so that we do not lose courage, no matter what despair we may encounter." The scene shows the priest of the back praying in the chapel with his two hands close together.

Then the mysterious Choi Kyung Suk (played by Chun Ho Jin) enters the scene and says, "Please save us." While the tense music and the narration stop, the atmosphere suddenly shifts as Sung Chul Woo and Kim Min Chul's younger sister Kim Young Zon (played by Esom) appear.

Kim Min Chul then bursts into a chapel and we hear him say, "What I hate the most are bastards." He only fights with a false belief and angrily tears the place apart. The screen reads: "In the world of a crazy cult, an even crazier bastard has arrived."

Save Me 2 (2019) had already made an impression as a thriller with only the characters alone. In particular, Uhm Tae Goo has perfectly taken over the role of the "crazy idiot" Kim Min Chul. Furthermore, Chun Ho Jin has also shown his overwhelming presence, while Esom and Kim Young Min already seem to be perfectly in sync with their characters.

The new OCN drama is directed by director Lee Kwon of the film 'Door Lock' and is based on the animation film 'The Fake' by director Yeon Sang Ho, who was recognized at various international film festivals. Rookie writer Seo Joo Yeon wrote the script for the drama and director Yeon Sang Ho contributed with creative advice.
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