Park Bo Young appreciated by Co-Stars In Abyss

Park Bo Young appreciated by Co-Stars In “Abyss”
tvN's "Abyss" is viewing viewers as an exciting fantasy drama with a refreshing new theme.
Of the many great factors in the drama, Park Bo Young has enhanced the quality of the drama with her acting skills while portraying a "goddess epidemic of the highest percent of the goddess" named Go Se Yeon. In the drama she shows great chemistry with her partner Cha Min (played by Ahn Hyo Seop), fake friend Park Dong Chul (played by Lee Si Eon) and senior Lee Mi Do (played by Song Sang Eun).

The cute chemistry between Ahn Hyo Seop and Park Bo Young has received the most attention. In the beginning of the drama, the couple showed their beauty as childhood friends of 20 years. After the sweet first kiss that confirmed their romantic feelings for each other, she paid attention to everything he did. By giving them the title "Marble Couple", viewers show their strong support for Park Bo Young and Ahn Hyo Seop.

The actress also has strong chemistry with actor Lee Si Eon. Go Se Yeon was reborn as someone with exactly the same face as Lee Mi Do's ex-girlfriend Lee Mi Do, and she is strategically close to him. In an attempt to chase the criminals behind her death, Go Se Yeon plays toys with the feelings of Park Dong Chul using cute dialects and aegyo. The chemistry between this fake couple in combination with the dangerous possibility that Go Se Yeon's true identity is revealed at any time has added an extra layer of exciting entertainment.

Song Sang Eun has caught the attention of viewers with her role as Lee Mi Do in the drama. Lee Mi Do and Go Se Yeon have a senior and junior relationship where they call each other offensive comments. At the same time, they worry about each other's safety and support each other. Viewers have had a good laugh because of the way the two actresses exchange lines and respond to each other.

A source from the drama said: "Park Bo Young exhibits perfect chemistry with every actor she works with and has enhanced the development of the story. Because the actors are very close to each other and well portray their characters, the fun, realistic chemistry on its own. Please stay at the end until the end, because their diverse chemistry will add a lot of fun to the drama.
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