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Abyss 2019 Plot synopsis, cast, trailer, south Korean Tv series

Abyss 2019

Native Title: 어비스
Alternative English titles: Eobiseu , Abyss: Soul Revival Marble
Directors: Yoo Je Won
Screenwriters: Moon Soo Yeon
Genres: Suspense, Mystery, Comedy, Law, Romance, Fantasy,Supernatural
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Airs: May 6, 2019 - Jun 25, 2019
Airs On: Monday, Tuesday
Network: tvN, Netflix
Duration: 60 min.

Synopsis of Abyss

Abyss is about a man and a woman who die tragically and get a new luck at life through soul-giving marbles in a magical abyss.
Go Se Yeon was a tough, accomplished and unparalleled, beautiful female prosecutor who worked in the Seoul public office, but ends up in a fatal accident and dies. Because of the mysterious magic marble, Abyss-Go Se Yeon is revived, but now in a totally different appearance. Go Se Yeon now has a common appearance based on how "good" her mind was in her previous life.
Cha Min was the highly intelligent heir to Korea's best cosmetics company, but was also a smart, modest and friendly man. Although he has both the brain and an astonishing amount of wealth, he regards himself as unattractive and uncertain about his appearance. Just like Go Se Yeon, Cha Min hits an accident and dies. Because of the mysterious magical marble Abyss, he comes back to life with a different appearance as an extraordinarily handsome man who is just as clear as his spirit he had in his previous life.
Go Se Yeon and Cha Min start working as a lawyer and administrator at a private law firm and decide to investigate the magical incident. Romance flourishes in the office while the two are intertwined to accept the same fate.(Source: AsianWiki, Soompi)

Cast - Main role of Abyss

Park Bo Young as Go Se Yeon | Ahn Hyo Seop as Cha Min
Abyss, shares Sneak Peek on the connection around Park Bo Young and Ahn Hyo Seop
This drama tells the story of a beautiful public prosecutor and an heir to a chaebol who is reborn into different bodies with the help of a mysterious marble. Then they search together for the person who killed them both. The relationship chart is divided between the Public Prosecution Service / Dongbu police station, the domain of Go Se Yeon (Park Bo Young), and Lan Cosmetics, the company of Cha Min (Ahn Hyo Seop).

Kim Sa Rang and Ahn Se Ha play Go Se Yeon and Cha Min for their reincarnations. The two characters have been friends for over 20 years. Sharing the category of the public prosecutor's office / police station with Go Se Yeon are Park Dong Chul (Lee Si Eon), Lee Mi Do, Seo Ji Wook (Kwon Soo Hyun) and Choi Hyuk Man.

Park Dong Chul is a detective at Dongbu Police Station, who is mistaken for Go Se Yeon as his ex girlfriend, Lee Mi Do. The real Lee Mi Do, whose face is not revealed, is described as a lawyer. Seo Ji Wook is a fellow prosecutor who was Go Se Yeon's colleague at the office before her reincarnation.

On the side of Lan Cosmetics, Han So Hee plays Jang Hee Jin, the former fiancé of Cha Min. Yoon Yoo Sun plays Cha Min's mother, Uhm Ae Ran, who is the head of the company. Also included is the character Mi Mi Park, who is described as the babysitter of Cha Min. Other characters are Go Se Yeon's parents, Go Chang Soo and Kim Jung Hee, and someone named Park Ki Man, who is connected to the babysitter of Cha Min.

In his own category, the character is Oh Young Chul, who is played by Lee Sung Jae. He is described as a professor in the emergency medicine department at the Seoha Hospital. "Abyss" production staff stated: "There are many things that are not revealed by this relationship card. The lives of all of these characters will be changed by the mysterious marble known as" Abyss. "That is one of the key points of the show. "
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