Song Joong Ki has applied for the divorce of Song Hye Kyo

song hye kyo and song joong ki latest news 2019 Divorce

😭Song Joong Ki has applied for the divorce of Song Hye Kyo. without discussion + insider says couple divorced since May💔

On June 28, Channel A reported: "According to Song Joong Ki, the divorce agreement was filed without Song Hye Kyo knowing it." It is said that Song Joong Ki lawyer filed the divorce petition with the Seoul court on June 26, and that Song Hye Kyo was warned the next day when she returned from a photo shoot in Thailand.

Song Joong Ki said earlier with the divorce announcement: "Instead of prolonging the process by considering each other's mistakes and mocking each other, I hope to be able to conclude the divorce amicably." According to an insider: "It was intended as a warning to Song Hye Kyo that if she spreads lies about her married life or details of the divorce, he will reveal everything."

Channel A also reported that the legal representatives of Song Joong Ki are negotiating a divorce without maintenance, and the divorce is expected to be completed in August.

An alleged acquaintance has also revealed more details, claiming that the former couple had been divorced since the beginning of May. The well-known claimed: "Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki started their divorce in early May. According to our laws, there is a required deliberation period for divorces and they gave each other time to think about divorcing a month since early May. a rumor that they had been divorced since the end of 2018. "

The same knowledge further claimed that Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo did not live in their "newlywed house" in the Hannam-dong neighborhood of Seoul, which bought Song Joong Ki. Instead, Song Joong Ki had moved to the rented house of Song Hye Kyo, where they had lived since their marriage in October 2017.

As previously reported, Song Joong Ki decided on June 26 to separate Song Hye Kyo and her label

cited personality differences as a reason. ðŸ’”

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