Poisonous Passion | Cast & Summary (Thai Drama 2022)

Poisonous Passion (Thai: ปมเสน่หา) is an upcoming thai television series starring Patricia Tanchanok Good (แพทริเซีย ธัญชนก กู๊ด) and Warintorn Panhakarn (วรินทร ปัญหกาญจน์). It is scheduled to premiere on Channel 3 in April 06, 2022, The drama is adapted from a novel Plerng Payu by Ploynampueng (พลอยน้ำผึ้ง).

Poisonous Passion (Drama Info)

Official Poster Poisonous Passion Poster
Original title ปมเสน่หา
Type Thai Drama, Thai Series, Adapted from a Novel
Subtitle English
A.k.a Plerng Payu , Pom Sanaeha , เพลิงพายุ
Director Songsak Mongkolthong (ทรงศักดิ์ มงคลทอง)
Screenwriter -
Genres Romance
Country Thailand
Total Episodes 16
Episode 1 Release date Apr 6, 2022
Last episode airs on 2022
Airs On Wednesday, Thursday
12:20 PM
Broadcast on Channel 3
Runtime 90 min.

Poisonous Passion - Official Trailer
Where to Watch Poisonous Passion with English Subtitles
"Poisonous Passion" is currently not confirmed to be released on OTT Streaming platforms.

Poisonous Passion (Summary)

Parichat was pregnant before discovering that her partner Trin was already married. After forcibly aborting her child, he abandons her. Parichat is alone and suicidal until her sister and brother-in-law offer to help with her revenge plan. The plan requires years of studying abroad, after which Parichat returns and slowly begins to approach Trin. Creeping towards Trin's revenge, his wife's cousin Payu tries to protect his family by thwarting Trin. Edit Synopsis

Poisonous Passion (Main Cast)

  • Baan Nakhun Rojanai - Ashada
  • First Ekkaphong Jongkesakorn - Sakdisant
  • Top Jaron Sorat - Trin
  • Pear Pitchapa Phanthumchinda - Pimpaka
  • Junji Janjira Janpitakchai - Sitang
  • Dada Warinda Damrongphol - Savitre
  • Orn Ornanong Panyawong - Lum Pang
  • Prakasit Bosuwan - Seree
  • Yoghurt Nattasha Bunprachom - Pimapsorn
  • Mew Piatha Laknara - Prim
  • Ta Warit Tipgomut - Hupon
  • Best Chanidapa Pongsilpipat - Lilli
  • Mint Nawinda Bertotti - Supinda
  • Ice Athichanan Srisevok - Fern
  • Maki Machida Sutthikulphanich - Nong Da
  • Sumet Ong - Porpol
  • Eed Duangjai Hathaikarn - Pum
  • Pop Thananya Sirinimnualkul - Siriyupang
  • Namfon Sueangsuda Lawanprasert - Phaka

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