The Boy Who Had Horns Movie release, Plot Synopsis, Trailer

Korean Movie: The Boy Who Had Horns 2019

Native Title: 뿔을 가진 소년
Subtitle: English
Alternative English title: Ppureul Gajin Sonyeon , Ppooreul Kajin Sonyun
Country: South Korea
Release Date: Jun 13, 2019
Duration: 1 hr. 58 min.

Synopsis: The Boy Who Had Horns

Untreatable with modern medicines! But I have to survive. Joon Bae worked at a healthy food company until one day he was diagnosed with cancer. Hee Jin, who works at the factory, suddenly has a lung condition. A middle man named Gwang Woong approaches them and tells them about 'human horns', which are only considered as a legend. A hunter has to earn money for his mentally ill daughter and Gwang Woong gives him one last hunting offer. There is no hope or choice anymore. To survive, these people will do anything ... but they must eat someone to do that.

Main cast: The Boy Who Had Horns

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