Fake Princess 2020

“Fake Princess” (Chinese: 冒牌太子妃) is a 2020 Chinese web series starring Eleanor Lee (Chang Le) and Zhao Yi Qin (Li Che). It is based on the novel of the same title by Shui Sheng, The series premiere on iQiyi and Mango TV from May 17 to Jun 22, 2020, on Monday & Sunday for 24 episodes.

Fake Princess 2020 (Chinese drama) Cast & plot synopsis

Details of Fake Princess 2020
Official Poster Fake Princess Poster
Original title 冒牌太子妃
Subtitle English
A.k.a Mao Pai Tai Zi Fei, Replacement Princess, Counterfeit Crown Princess
Directors Qin Zhen
Screenwriters Jia Liyi & Shui Sheng
Genres Historical, Romance, Comedy
Country China
Episodes 24
Release Date May 17, 2020 / Jun 22, 2020
Airs On Monday & Sunday
Broadcast Channel iQiyi, Mango TV
Runtime 45 min.

Synopsis: Fake Princess

So what if she likes money, don't all mountain bandits like money? For a chest full of gold, the mountain bandit offers himself to the black-bellied prince, marking the beginning of a beautiful romance. Chang Le was once a free and indomitable female bandit. However, she becomes a fake bride in marriage to Crown Prince Li Che. Chang Le enters the boundaries of the palace and finds it difficult to adjust after being humiliated repeatedly. Despite her situation, she learns to adapt like a wild cat showing her true stripes. Li Che, who has been vigilantly following every step, is gradually drawn to Chang Le's vibrancy. Each with a mask to hide their own motives, the two people find comfort in each other.

Main Character: Fake Princess

Fake Princess starring Eleanor Lee as Chang Le
Fake Princess starring Zhao Yi Qin as Li Che

Supporting Character: Fake Princess

  • Garvey Jin as Li Heng
  • Jenna Wang as Duan Nian Er
  • Song Fang Yuan as Ah Li Ai Ti
  • Chen Si Yu as Gong Sun Mo
  • Wang Yi Tian as Nong Ying
  • Sun Xu Ning as Zhu Yan

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