On the Road 2019, Chinese Drama, Synopsis, Cast

Upcoming Chinese Drama Sep 2019, Synopsis, Cast

Drama: On the Road 2019

Native Title 在远方
Subtitle English
Alternative title Zai Yuan Fang
Directors ?
Screenwriters ?
Genres Friendship, Business, Romance, Family
Country China
Episodes 57
Release Date Sep 23, 2019
Airs On Dragon TV, ZJTV, Youku
Network ?
Duration ?

Synopsis: On the Road

Yao Yuan is a man who has fought many setbacks to achieve a breakthrough in online courier services. This story revolves around 20 years of ups and downs in his life.

Yao Yuan worked his shifts in long-distance journeys after graduating from high school. During his travels he discovered a golden opportunity and deserves a chance to meet Lu Xiao'ou. She is the daughter of Lu Zong, the president of the courier service. A failed business venture, however, leaves him defeated and he chooses to leave, unwittingly destroying Lu Xiao'ou's hope for love and for him.
They often cross each other to make each other slip away. Lu Xiao'ou becomes a thorn that he buries in his deepest insecurities and desires. Accompanied by Tian Hui who remained tirelessly by his side and in the face of the provocations of Liu Yun Tian, ??Yao Yuan has no choice but to become the enemy of Lu Xiao'ou while getting caught up in a war between traditional companies and online express deliveries. Lu Xiao'ou relentlessly comes to Yao Yuan with all her power and he chooses to go out on the road again. With the help of what her father taught him, he brings his dreams and passion back to life in the heart of Lu Xiao'ou.

Main Cast: On the Road

Liu Ye as Yao Yuan | Ma Yi Li as Lu Xiao Ou

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