A Piece of Your Mind 2020 (One Fourth, Half of Half)

Poster Half of a Half 2020, Synopsis, Cast
Native Title 반의 반
Subtitle English
Alternative title Banui Ban, Half of Half, One Fourth
Directors Lee Sang Yeob
Screenwriters Lee Sook Yun
Genres Comedy, Romance
Country South Korea
Episodes 16
Release Date Mar 23/2020 - May 12/2020
Airs On Monday, Tuesday
Network tvN
Duration 1 hr. 10 min.


Moon Ha Won is an innovator in the world of artificial intelligence programming and has made a name for itself in the AI ??industry. The founder and brain behind the popular portal site, M&H, Ha Won is a man who everyone knows. A man who is dedicated to his work, everyone knows that he does not take what he does lightly and expects his employees to follow this example, but he is also known as a good-hearted, rational thinker who never gets angry and never loses his calm. An ideal man with a soft heart, Ha Won believes that when it comes to love, having even a small part of the heart of his love is enough to support him. But that theory is put to the test when Han Seo Woo walks into his world.
Seo Woo is an engineer for classical music and has not had the easiest life. With no family to support her and no place to call home, Seo Woo has spent most of her life wandering and alone. Despite her difficulties, Seo Woo has succeeded in having an open and optimistic way of thinking, believing that all things happen for a reason. Roaming the path that life has laid for her, Seo Woo soon sees paths cross with Ha Won. While the two go on a journey together, they discover that sometimes two different halves can really form a whole.
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Main Cast

Jung Hae In Jung Hae In as Moon Ha Won
Chae Soo Bin Chae Soo Bin as Han Seo Woo
Lee Ha Na Lee Ha Na as Moon Soon Ho
Kim Sung Gyu Kim Sung Gyu as Kang In Wook

Supporting characters

Lee Seung Jun as Choi Jin Moo | Woo Ji Hyun as Bae Jin Hwan | Park Joo Hyun as Kim Ji Soo | Kim Nu Ri as Choi Soo Ji | Lee Sang Hee as Jeon Eun Joo | Kang Bong Sung as Kim Chang Seop |Hong Woo as Jin Min Joon | Kim Jung Woo as Kim Hoon | Lee Se Jin as Kang In Wook

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