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Castle in the Time (Drama Info)

Poster Castle in the Time 2020, Chinese Drama, Synopsis, Cast
Native Title 时光之城
Subtitle English
A.k.a Time City, Shi Guang Zhi Cheng, City of Time, Castle in the Time
Directors Chan Ka Lam
Screenwriters Lu Zhang
Genres Comedy, Romance
Country China
Episodes 40
Release Date 2021
Airs On -
Network Dragon TV
Duration 45 min.

Synopsis: Castle in the Time

To rehabilitate the mother and the genuinely ill father, the idealistic and tenacious Xu Zhen went to the executive of her mom from the Gaia film and television application, but did not plan the scene of the return of the national star Gu To bump into Zhe Yi was rejected by his ex-girlfriend. Depending on the substance of life, Gu Zhe, who wouldn't like to lose the face, was uncovered. He tried all possible means to cause difficulties and wanted to chase Xu away. Xu was not willing to give up. He finally decided and eventually won Gu's appreciation and stayed in Gaia as his assistant. Also impressed by the mother, in exchange for the last reunification of a family.In the process, however, it was a bogus plot by Lin Jin Yang, the president of Gaia Film and Television, and there was a lot of crisis around him. Ultimately, with the help of Gu Zhan Qi and Gaia and his son, Lin Jin Xiu, Xu Zhen invalidated the true face of Lin Jin Yang. Lin Jin Yang bowed his confession. Xu Zhen and Gu Zhe Yi also understood their actual emotions in this series of experiences. At the big prize-giving ceremony of the film, Gu Zhan asked Qi Xu Zhen to marry him. A few lovers had undergone numerous tests and eventually became a vassal.

Main Cast: Castle in the Time

    Li Yi Zhen
  • Li Yi Zhen as Xu Zhen
  • Zhang Zhe Han
  • Zhang Zhe Han as Gu Zhi Jun
  • Xu Ke
  • Xu Ke as Lin Jin Xiu
  • Iris Zhao
  • Iris Zhao as QinZi Qing

Supporting Cast: Castle in the Time

  • Zhou Yi Xuan - Chen Qin Yan (Xu Zhen's younger brother)
  • Lily Tien - Liang Wan Ting (Xu Zhen's mother)
  • Zhang Jun Ran - Liu Jia
  • Tian Na - Ji Xiao Rui
  • Du Jun Ze - Lin Jin Yang

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