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Ode to Daughter of Great Tang (2020) Cast, Synopsis & Release date

Plot synopsis and brief summary

Ode to Daughter of Great Tang (Chinese tiltle: 大唐女儿行) is a 2020 Chinese television series based on Feng Nong's novel. produced by Yu Zheng, starring Xu Kai, Li Yitong, Ma Yue and Pu Miao
Cast, Synopsis, Release date
Native Title
Alternative title
盛唐攻略, A Promenade through the Tang Dynasty, Sheng Tang Gong Lue,
The Glorious Tang Stratagem, Daughter's Daughter of the Tang Dynasty,
驯夫记, 驯夫记之大唐女儿行, Court Lady
Yu Zheng, Li Hui Zhu
Adventure, Historical, Romance, Comedy
Release Date
Airs On
45 min.

Synopsis: Ode to Daughter of Great Tang 2020

While his father was a founding member of the Tang Empire, Cheng Chu Mo was a young man with no movements. His life took a radical turn when he first fell in love with Fu Rou, the industrious daughter of a merchant family. To captivate Fu Rou's heart, Chu Mo begins to study seriously. As he grew in knowledge and maturity, he decided to follow in Father's footsteps to serve the country and planned a campaign against pirates harassing the coast of China. Meanwhile, through an accident, Fu Rou became a female weaving court official, making it difficult for the two young lovers to meet in person. In her new post, Fu Rou reveals some dark secrets and a plot that puts her family in big trouble. Fu Rou and Chu Mo must rely on their wits and skills and overcome their enemies together.

Main Cast: Ode to Daughter of Great Tang 2020

Chinese actor Xu Kai as Cheng Chu Mo
Chinese actress Li Yi Tong as Fu Rou
Chinese actor Ma Yue as Emperor Li Shi Min
Chinese actress Pu Miao as Empress Zhang Sun

Supporting characters: Ode to Daughter of Great Tang 2020

Tan Jian Ci as Prince Li Ke || Jiang Meng Jie as Consort of Crown Prince || Liu Min as Consort Yang of Sui || Kris Fan as Li Cheng Qian || Wu Jia Yi as Princess Qinghe || Michelle Bai || Zhang Nan || Li Ze Feng || He Rui Xian || He Vincent || Hou Yan Song || Wang Yuan Ke || Liu En Shang || Lin Peng as Princess Consort of Wei || Wang Yi Zhe || Owen Cheng || He Lei || Zhang Yi Xi Wu Mei Niang || He Lei || Anna Fang || Xu Rong Zhen || Zhang Yong Gang || Anson Shi as Li Zhi || Huang Xin Yao || Nyle Feng as Zan Jun Mo || Zheng Louis || Jackie Li || David Chou || Wang You Jun as Fu Tao

Photos: Ode to Daughter of Great Tang 2020

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  1. I hope it Will be coming soon.I can't wait to wacht Li yi thong acting.she 's my favorite Chinese actress that I admire