Love is Always Online (2022)

Love is Always Online Drama Cast, Summary & Release date

“Love is Always Online” (Chinese: 对的时间,对的人) is an Upcoming Chinese television series based on Celine Gu's novel Time.

Love is Always Online (Web Series)
Poster  Love is Always Online Poster 对的时间,对的人 / Love Is Always Online
Type Chinese Drama, Adapted From a Novel
Subtitle English
A.k.a duideren, duideshijian, loves always online, The Right Time, The Right Person
Director Zhou Xiao Peng
Novel Writer Celine Gu
Genres Romance, Life
Country China
Total Episodes 39
Release Date 2022 ?
Airs On -
Broadcast On -
Runtime 45 min.

Love is Always Online Plot Summary

The CEO of Rishi, Jiang An Zhen, has been looking for Yao Yuan who saved him when he was a student. After learning that Yao Yuan was playing Sheng Shi game, he took the opportunity to save Yao Yuan's life in the game and overbearingly announced that he was going to marry Yao Yuan. The two then meet through a party and pursue each other passionately in reality, eventually confirming their relationship as lovers. However, while they are in love, Yao Yuan learns from Jiang An Zhen's brother that the death of his parents in a car accident is related to the Jiang family. Unable to accept this fact, Yao Yuan chose to break up with Jiang Annlan. Jiang An Zhen is determined to get Yao Yuan back, and stands downstairs in the rainstorm, refusing to leave for a long time, eventually causing a pulmonary encephalopathy coma Hospitalized, life is in danger. Yao Yuan only knew about Jiang An Zhen's illness and understood his position in Jiang An Zhen's heart.. After Jiang An Zhen woke up, they made up and got married with the blessings of their friends and family.Edit Synopsis

Love is Always Online Cast and Characters

     Love is Always Online Starring
  • Dylan Wang as Jiang An Zhen
  •  Love is Always Online Starring
  • Elvira Cai as Yao Yuan

Supporting Cast

  • Ash Zhu - Su Wen
  • Evan Ma - Wen Cheng
  • Yang Ping - Jiang Wen Qian
  • Jin Chong - Jang Hyuk
  • Xiong Yue Xi - Yao Xing Ran
  • Will soon be updated!

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