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The New Version of the Condor Heroes (Drama 2020)

The New Version of the Condor Heroes 2020 (Chinese drama) Details & Summary

The New Version of the Condor Heroes
Official Poster  The New Version of the Condor Heroes Poster
Original title 神雕侠侣 ; 新神雕侠侣
Subtitle English
A.k.a Shen Diao Xia Lv, New Return of the Condor Heroes
Director Lin Feng
Screenwriter Pei Wang
Genres Martial Arts, Adventure, Historical, Romance, Wuxia
Country China
Total Episodes 50
Release Date 2020
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel -
Runtime 45 Minutes

Plot Synopsis

At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, a rebellious young man named Yang Quo was sent by Guo Jing to learn martial arts. He meets and worships the Dragon Lady. The two grew up practising martial arts together in a tomb and fell in love. However, he is moved by Guo Jing's righteousness and gives up on revenge at the critical moment. He is the only one who can save Guo Jing. After Guo Fu's arm is cut off, Yang encounters the divine Eagle by chance and learns his magic powers. At that time, the Dragon Princess was seriously injured and jumped off a cliff. Sixteen years later, Yang and is delighted to meet the long-lost Dragon Girl. When Xiangyang was about to be defeated, Yang killed the Mongolian emperor to save the city. The heroic couple became famous, but Yang retired from the tomb of the living dead with Dragon Girl, allowing the legend to be passed down in the world. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

     The New Version of the Condor Heroes Starring
  • Thomas Tong as Yang Guo
  •  The New Version of the Condor Heroes Starring
  • Mao Xiao Hui as Xiao Long Nu

Supporting Cast

  • Shao Bing as Guo Jing
  • Nikita Mao as Li Mo Chou
  • Tu Bing as Guo Fu
  • Zong Feng Yan as Jinlun Fawang
  • Alex Fong as Huang Yao Shi
  • Gong Bei Bi as Huang Rong
  • Ariel Liang as Gongsun Lu E
  • Simon Li as Hong Qi Gong
  • Tang Zheng Zong as Master Yi Deng
  • Yu Bo as Gongsun Zhi
  • Wang Qing as Yelu Qi
  • Zhang Yu Qi as Guo Puo Lu
  • Qi Hang as Huo Du
  • Zhao Luo Ran as Lu Wu Shuang
  • Liu Xiao Hu as Qiu Chu Ji
  • Su Qing Lin as Chao Ying
  • Liu Shuo as Zhen Zhi Bing
  • Ann Wang as Cheng Ying
  • Ann Liu Xiao Hai as Zhou Bo Tong
  • Yuan Min as Lu You Jiao
  • Liu Xiao Hai as Zhou Bo Tong
  • Pan Yan Lin as Zhu Zi Liu
  • Tong Jing as Ye Lu Yan
  • Daniel Gong
  • Sun Si Wei as Zhang Jun Bao
  • Vicky Chen as Guo Xiang

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