Wild Grass (2020 Movie) Cast & Summary

Wild Grass 2020 (Chinese Movie) Details & Summary

Wild Grass
Official Poster  Wild Grass Poster
Original title 荞麦疯长
Subtitle English
A.k.a Qiao Mai Feng Chang
Director Xu Zhan Xiong
Screenwriter Xu Zhan Xiong
Genres Romance, Youth
Country China
Release Date Aug 25, 2020
Runtime 1 hr. 30 min.

Plot Synopsis

The story of two young women and a young man during the booming period of the 1990s. Their dreams sprung up like fizzle, but they found their lives in despair. Three people live in a small city in China. Yun Qiao wants to live a life like a movie. Li Mai hopes to have a bright future. Wu Feng is ready to face challenges in his ordinary life. Everyone has their own yearning for the future, but will it really be what they want? Edit Synopsis

Main Character

 Wild Grass Starring Sandra Ma as Yun Xiao
 Wild Grass Starring Elaine Zhong as Li Mai
 Wild Grass Starring Johnny Huang as Wu Feng

Supporting Cast

  • Vivienne Tien as Li Mai (Young)
  • Wang Yan Hui as Commander B
  • Gao Ye as Yun Shu
  • Sunny Wang as Hiroaki
  • Wu Chao
  • Ren Luo Min
  • Ryu Kohata as Komura

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