Love Playlist: Dear-M | Korean Series (2022)

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Synopsis » Love Playlist: Dear-M

A search for "M" flips things over when an anonymous confession is posted on the Soyoung University Student Forum, Four students from different departments of the university-Ma Joo Ah, Cha Min Ho, Seo Ji Min, and Park Ha Neul are looking for an "M". They experience college life, changes in friendship, and realistic up-and-coming romance in the process of exploration.

"Love Playlist: Dear-M" will tell the story of the mysterious search for "M" on the campus, an individual mentioned in an anonymous post on Seoyeon University's online community. The romantic reality drama will follow the changing relationships and budding romances between different characters in the context of all the buzz about "M." Ma Joo Ahis a sophomore at Seoyeon University. She has a warm heart and a bright personality. She is not interested in pursuing dreams or having romantic relationships. She had no boyfriend before. Cha Min Hois a sophomore student in the Department of Computer Science at Seoyeon University. He has a talent for developing creative apps. He's been friends with Ma Joo-A for 12 years. Seo Ji Minis a student at Seoyeon University in the Department of Economics. She is also a member of the school cheer squad. Park Ha Neulis currently a student in the Business Administration Departmen at Seoyeon University, and is an honorary ambassador for the university.Edit Synopsis

Love Playlist: Dear.M (Korean drama)
Official Poster  Love Playlist: Dear.M Poster
Original title 디어엠
Subtitle English
A.k.a 디어엠-연플리, Dear M, dieoem, dieo.em, Dear M. Love Playlist 2021, Dear.M
Director Park Jin Woo
Screenwriter Lee Seul
Genres Friendship, Romance, Life, Youth, School
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 12
Episode 1 Release date 2022
Finale episode date -
Airs On Monday, Tuesday
Broadcast Channel KBS2, WeTV, Viki
Runtime 60 min.

Main Character » Love Playlist: Dear-M

     Love Playlist: Dear.M Cast
  • Bae Hyun Sung - Park Ha Neul
  •  Love Playlist: Dear.M lead role
  • Jeong Jae Hyun - Cha Min Ho
  •  Love Playlist: Dear.M main role
  • Park Hye Soo - Ma Joo Ah
  •  Love Playlist: Dear.M actor
  • Lee Jin Hyuk - Gil Mok Jin
  • Love Playlist: Dear-M Lead actors
  • Roh Jeong Eui - Seo Ji Min
  • Love Playlist: Dear-M Lead actors
  • Woo Da Vi - Hwang Bo Young

  • Lee Jin Hyuk - Kim Mok Jin
  • Hwang Bo Reum Byeol - Choi Ro Sa
  • Lee Jung Sic - Moon Joon
  • Woo Da Vi - Hwang Bo Young
  • Kwon Eun Bin - Min Yang Hee
  • Jo Joon Young - Ban Yi Dam
  • Hwang Geon - Moon Taek Geun
  • Han Do Woo - Tae Jin
  • Lee Jae Baek - Seo Ji Hoon
  • Seo Hee Seon - Yoon Hyo Jung
  • Jun Sung Hwan - Tak Moo Young

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