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Plot Summary » Color Rush

Living with a neurological blindness that limits her ability to see colors, Yeon Woo grew up in a world that looks very different from the one most people are used to seeing. Only able to decode the different gray tones, Yeon Woo knows the world is colorful but he has never seen them with his own eyes. At least not until the day Yoo Han enters his world. As if fate were brought together, Yeon Woo's life changed forever the day he met Yoo Han. Mesmerized by the many charms of the young man, Yeon Woo is overwhelmed by the sudden surge of emotions he feels whenever Yoo Han is around. What's even more surprising is that the color suddenly spills over the world every time Yoo Han enters the room. Could this be a sign that Yoo Han is his destiny?. While Yeon Woo ponders his fate, his aunt Yi Rang desperately searches for his sister who had gone missing years ago. Joining his aunt in her mission, Yeon Woo takes Yoo Han's help and they look for his mother together. As they dug deeper into the mystery surrounding her disappearance, an unexpected story began to unfold. Can these ill-fated boys solve the mystery of their missing mother while at the same time unraveling the mysteries of their own hearts? Edit Synopsis

Details » Color Rush
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Original title 컬러 러쉬
Subtitle English
A.k.a Keolleoreoswi, Keolleo Leoswi, Keolleoleoswi, Colour Rush, Keoleo Reoswi, 컬러러쉬
Director -
Screenwriter -
Genres Mystery, Youth, Romance
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 8
Release Date Dec 30, 2020 / Jan 21, 2021
Airs On Wednesday, Thursday
Broadcast Channel -
Runtime 15 min.

Main Character » Color Rush

     Color Rush Cast
  • Heo Hyun Jun - Go Yoo Han
  •  Color Rush main role
  • Yoo Jun - Choi Yeon Woo

Supporting Cast » Color Rush

  • Lee Min Ji - Yoo Yi Rang (Yeon Woo’s aunt)
  • Baek Seo Hoo - Jung Joo Haeng
  • Min Hyo Gi - Kim Min Jae

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