WISH YOU : Your Melody In My Heart (2020 BL Web Drama)

Plot Summary » WISH YOU : Your Melody In My Heart

It tells the story of singer and songwriter Kang In Soo and keyboardist Yoon Sang Yi fighting to pursue their musical dreams, As a free-spirited, music-loving singer who performed with him on the street, Kang In Soo's life revolved entirely around music. Supported by her friends, In Soo hopes to one day turn her love of music into a full-time career, but doing so is not easy. Not giving up on his dreams, In Soo continued to roam, day in and day out, while his best friend, Choi Min Sung, recorded his performances and uploaded them to YouTube. None of them knew that In Soo's performance captured the attention of someone who could change the young musician's life forever. As a keyboard player working at a major record company, Yoon Sang Yi is always looking for new talent. After casually watching In Soo's videos, Sang Yi became one of the male singer's biggest fans. Confident that In Soo can do that, he proposes the young artist to join his company's rookie discovery project. Seeing the opportunity from this invitation, In Soo accepted the offer and soon moved into the same company as Sang Yi. As the two live and work together, their relationship develops, and gradually, new feelings begin to blossom. Unfortunately, as their affections develop, so do the obstacles blocking their way. Can In Soo and Sang Yi find a way to overcome the challenge ahead or will their love fade before the opportunity to fully bloom? Edit Synopsis

Details » WISH YOU : Your Melody In My Heart
Official Poster  WISH YOU : Your Melody In My Heart Poster
Original title WISH YOU: 나의 마음속 너의 멜로디
Subtitle English
A.k.a Wisiyu, 위시유, Wish You: Naeui Maeumsok Neoui Merrodi
Director Sung DoJoon
Screenwriter Sung DoJoon
Genres Music, Romance
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 8
Release Date Dec 4, 2020 / Dec 25, 2020
Airs On Friday
Broadcast Channel Idol Romance YouTube Channel, Netflix, Viki
Runtime -

Main Character » WISH YOU : Your Melody In My Heart

 WISH YOU : Your Melody In My Heart Cast Kang In Soo - Kang In Soo
 WISH YOU : Your Melody In My Heart main role Lee Sang - Yoon Sang Yi

Supporting Cast » WISH YOU : Your Melody In My Heart

  • Su Bin - Lee Yoo Jin
  • Kang Ye Na (Team leader)
  • Baek Seo Bin - Choi Min Seong
  • Jung Ji Yeon

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