Ancient Love Poetry (Chinese Drama 2021) Cast & Summary

Ancient Love Poetry (Chinese: 千古玦尘) is an 2021 upcoming Chinese television series based on Xing Ling's novel 'Ancient God'.

Ancient Love Poetry (Drama Info)

Official Poster Ancient Love Poetry Poster
Original title 千古玦尘
Type Chinese Drama, Tv series, Historical Fiction
Subtitle English
A.k.a 千古玦尘
Director Rao Jun, Li Zhen Ru
Screenwriter Yin Tao, Li Cai
Genres Action, Fantasy, Historical, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 49
Episode 1 Release date Jun 17, 2021
3:00 PM
Finale episode date Jul 18, 2021
Airs On Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Broadcast Channel Tencent Video
Runtime 45 min.
Where to Watch Ancient Love Poetry
Rakuten Viki WeTV TencentVideo (Free) TencentVideo (Subscription)

Ancient Love Poetry (Synopsis)

Gu Jue Zhuan followed in the footsteps of Shang Gu, once the leader of the four immortal gods, to a deep sleep after sacrificing himself during a 60,000-year ordeal. Shang Gu woke up years later, and the memories of what happened 300 years ago were completely wiped out. But her former lover, Bai Jue, never forgot her. Sacrifice her life, he waited for her for 60,000 years. Even if his soul disappears, Shang Gu will wait for him forever. Edit Synopsis

Ancient Love Poetry (Main cast)

     Ancient Love Poetry Cast
  • Xu Kai - Bai Jue / Qing Xiu / Bai Xuan
  •  Ancient Love Poetry main role
  • Zhou Dong Yu - Shang Gu / Hou Chi

Supporting Cast

  • Jenny Zhang - Wu Huan
  • Leon Lai - Gu Jun
  • Li Ze Feng - Zhi Yang
  • Liu Xue Yi - Tian Qi
  • Luo Qiu Yun - Yue Mi
  • Liu Meng Meng - Xue Ying
  • Tiffany Zhong - Jing Zhao
  • Zhang Ya Qin - Feng Ran
  • Daisy Dai - Chang Qin
  • Lu Hong - Sen Yu
  • Hankiz Omar - Feng Yan
  • Gao Han - Chang Que
  • Fan Jin Wei - Mo Yu
  • Hao Shuai - Jing Yang
  • DIDI - Jia Ye
  • Ren Hao - Wu Xi
  • Huang Yi - Hong Ri
  • Wang Mao Lei - Zi Heng
  • Lu Peng - Zi Han

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