Tv Series: Youth of May (2021)

Youth of May (Drama Info)

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Original title 오월의 청춘
Type Korean Drama, Tv Series
Subtitle English
A.k.a Youth in May, Owolui Cheongchun, May Youth, Owoleui Cheongchun, Owolui Chungchoon
Director Song Min Yeop
Screenwriter Lee Kang
Genres Romance, Melodrama, Youth
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 12
Release Date May 3, 2021
End Date Jun 8, 2021
Airs On Monday, Tuesday
Where to watch KBS2
Runtime 1 hr. 10 min.
Where to Watch Youth of May with English Subtitles
Kocowa (Eng Sub)
Viki (Eng Sub)

Synopsis » Youth of May

It is a drama about two young people who became famous during the Gwangju Uprising that took place in May 1980. Hwang Hee-tae is a troublemaker who hates predictable things. His life was described as "a war on prejudice" and to destroy prejudice towards a son raised by a single mother, he received the highest score and attended Seoul National University College of Medicine. He also plays guitar and enjoys going to music cafes. However, due to the unexpected incident, he had to experience the worst month of May in his life.

Kim Myung Hee is a hard-working nurse who left the home and now lives in Gwangju by herself. Although she was not friendly enough to comfort the crying patients. But she was smart and skilled enough to find a suitable vein at one time. She was more like a warrior than an angel, and unlike her beautiful appearance, she had a cold exterior. Lee Soo Ryun is a close friend of Kim Myung Hee. She has a simple personality that seems to be open with her skull-like appearance. Coming from a wealthy family, she has a leadership responsibility for maintaining justice on social issues.

Lee Soo Chan is Soo Ryun's brother. He helped his father with the family business after returning from studying abroad in France. Edit Synopsis

Main Character » Youth of May

    Youth of May Cast
  • Lee Do Hyun - Hwang Hee Tae
  • Youth of May main role
  • Go Min Si - Kim Myung Hee
  • Youth of May Lead actors
  • Geum Sae Rok - Lee Soo Ryun
  • Youth of May Lead actors
  • Lee Sang Yi - Lee Soo Chan

Supporting Cast » Youth of May

  • Oh Man Suk - Hwang Gi Nam (Hee Tae's father)
  • Uhm Hyo Sub - Lee Chang Geun
  • Hwang Young Hee - Choi Soon Nyeo
  • Shim Yi Young - Song Hae Ryeong
  • Kim Won Hae - Kim Hyun Cheol (Myung Hee's father)
  • Kim Eun Soo - Lee Gwang Gyu

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