Boss & Me 2021 (Thai Drama)

Boss & Me is an upcoming Thai drama series is a adaptation of the popular Chinese drama same name which was released in 2014, the series starring Push Puttichai Kasetsin (Payu) and Aom Sushar Manaying (Namkhing)

Boss & Me (Drama Info)

Official Poster Boss & Me Poster
Original title รักนี้เจ้านายจอง
Type Thai Drama, Tv Series, Workplace
Subtitle English
A.k.a Boss and Me
Director Lit Phadung Samajarn
Screenwriter Fluke Teerapat Lohanan, Tanachot Prapasri
Genres Business, Comedy, Romance
Country Thailand
Total Episodes 10
Episode 1 Release date Nov 11, 2021
Finale episode date Dec 13, 2021
Airs On Monday, Saturday, Sunday
Broadcast on GMM 25
Runtime 47 min.
Where to Watch Boss & Me with English Subtitles
Disney Plus

Boss & Me (Synopsis)

The story of Namkhing, a young female accountant who works at Fah Prathankun Company, with Phaya Fahprathankun (Put-Phitthichai) sitting on the podium as the CEO.

one day Namking received a hotline from the hospital to donate blood to Payu's sister. but the blood type that very few people have But, Namkhing has the same blood type as Payu's sister.

Finally, how does the love story of a young CEO and a young employee end? Edit Synopsis

Boss & Me (Main Cast)

    Boss & Me Cast
  • Push Puttichai Kasetsin (Payu)
  • Boss & Me main role
  • Aom Sushar Manaying (Namkhing)

  • Point Cholawit Meetongcom
  • Pitta Na Pattalung - Lika
  • Mild Anis Suwit - Liu
  • Yingying Sarucha - Gina
  • Deuan Prima Ratchata - Beam
  • Toon Panisara Prinyarux - Nana

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