The Secret of Love: Chinese Drama 2021

The Secret of Love (Chinese: 不能恋爱的秘密) is a 2021 Chinese television series starring Liu Yi Chang (Li Jia Shang) and Yuan Yu Xuan (Mu Xiao / Su Yi). It is based on the novel and manhua 'The Impossible World' by Yun Zai, Cao Mu Qing, The series will be aired on tvN, on Jun 16, 2021.

The Secret of Love (Drama Info)

Official Poster The Secret of Love Poster
Original title 不能恋爱的秘密
Type Chinese Drama, Tv Series
Subtitle English
A.k.a The Secret of Not Falling in Love, Bu Neng Lian Ai De Mi Mi
Producer Wang Xi Wen, Tang Fan
Director Tan You Ye
Screenwriter Wang Zi Xuan, Sun Man
Genres Suspense, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 30
Episode 1 Release date Jun 16, 2021
3:00 PM
Finale episode date Jul 17, 2021
Airs On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Broadcast on Mango TV
Runtime 45 min.
Where to Watch The Secret of Love with English Subtitles
MGTV Drama Channel

The Secret of Love (Synopsis)

Su Yi loses her memory after being burned in a fire accident. In her search for truth and memories, she meets Li Jia Cheng, who has numerous connections to the case. Li Jia Cheng is considered a steel person with a cold personality, born into a family that values money and power and has no warmth. His destiny has been arranged since birth, work hard towards the set goals and be the successor of the Li group. The two of them had conflicts at first, but gradually formed a peer-to-peer tactical partner. Su Yi challenges his views and beliefs and allows him to overcome all obstacles on his path to true love. Edit Synopsis

The Secret of Love (Main Cast)

    The Secret of Love Cast
  • Liu Yi Chang (Li Jia Shang)
  • The Secret of Love main role
  • Yuan Yu Xuan (Mu Xiao / Su Yi)

  • Zhang Si Fan - Zheng He
  • Xu Xiao Nuo - Xia Xi Yang
  • Qian Zhe - Su Xiang Tai
  • Cecilia Boey
  • Sun Xiao Lun - Luo Man Ni

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