Don't Say No Thai Series (2021)

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Don't Say No (Drama Info)

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Original title เมื่อหัวใจใกล้กัน
Type Thai Drama, Adapted From a Novel, Gay Romance, LGBTQ+, Friends To Lovers
Subtitle English
A.k.a DSNTheSeries, Don't Say No The Series: When the hearts are close together
Director -
Screenwriter -
Genres Romance
Country Thailand
Total Episodes 12
Episode 1 Release date Aug 6, 2021
6:45 PM
Finale episode date Oct 22, 2021
Airs On Friday
Broadcast on -
Runtime 50 min.
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Don't Say No (Synopsis)

"If I'm the right person for you, from now on, you can't say no to me." From friends to lovers. Where will this relationship go, when one person is a good boy but the other is a bad boy. Is it possible to turn a bad boy into a lover? Edit Synopsis

Don't Say No (Main Cast)

    Don't Say No Cast
  • First Chalongrat Novsamrong (Fiat)
  • Don't Say No main role
  • Ja Phachara Suansri (Leo)

  • James Pongsapak Rachaporn - Pod
  • Smart Chisanupong Paungmanee - Leon
  • Puth Putthanat Chayaaphinanthakul
  • Beam Phunthida Phairuangkij
  • Chai Supakit Vilasmongkolchai
  • Seng Supachok Vilasmongkolchai

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