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Fahlanruk Drama Info

Fahlanruk is a 2022 Thai television series starring James Thanaboon Wisrungroj and Tonkhao Chayuth Nitichakorn. It is based on the web novel of the same title by BamBam (แบมแบมม). The series aired on Channel 9 from Sep 11, 2022 to Nov 27, 2022, on Sunday for 12 episodes.

Fahlanruk (Tv Series)
Official Poster Fahlanruk Poster
Original title ฟ้าลั่นรัก
Type Thai Drama, Gay Romance
Subtitle English
Also Known As (AKA) Fahlanruk the Series, Friends With Benefits, Fah Lun Rak , Fa Lan Rak, ฟ้าลั่นรัก เดอะซีรีส์
Director Chik Sakon Tiacharoen, K Chainarong Tampong
Genres Romance, Life, Youth, School
Country Thailand
Total Episodes 12
Episode 1 Release date Sep 11, 2022
Last episode airs on Nov 27, 2022
Airs On Sunday
Broadcast on Channel 9
Runtime 38 min.
Where to Watch Fahlanruk with English Subtitles
"Fahlanruk" is currently not confirmed to be released on OTT Streaming platform

Fahlanruk Plot Summary

Fahlan is a handsome young man studying economics, good at both academics and sports. Sherbet is an architecture student and is good at playing music and singing. These two young men meet one day and have no choice but to feel something for each other.

Their relationship began with sex and became friends who benefited. The two never seriously considered dating anyone, but Fahlan learns that he feels much more about Sherbet. Instead, he tries to get away from his feelings for fear of getting hurt.

Prince, a friend of Sherbett who knows the problem, tries to help his friend overcome this fear. But things escalate when Fahlan mistakenly thinks the Prince is interested in Sherbet. But Prince also fell in love with "Gear".

Fahlan's best friends, Ping and Tap, also try to help their friends succeed in this love, but their hearts are troubled. Tap learns that Ping feels more of him and doesn't see him as a friend. Both begin to build walls in their hearts. Edit Synopsis

Fahlanruk Cast and Characters

  • Fahlanruk Cast James Thanaboon Wisrungroj (Sherbet)
  • Fahlanruk main role Tonkhao Chayuth Nitichakorn (Fahlan)

Supporting Cast

  • Win Kittiphon Chotijiranan - Gear
  • Baifern Sirikorn Kunapinan - Pink
  • Tong Pathcharaphon Wannasorn - Prince
  • Kao Sirawit Suwannarat - Tap

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