The Flaming Heart (2021) Chinese Web Drama

The Flaming Heart (Drama Info)

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Original title 你好,火焰蓝
Type Chinese Drama, Web Series,
Subtitle English
A.k.a Action, Romance, Medical
Director Zhang Li Chuan
Screenwriter Wu Wei, Hou Shiqi, Chen Che, Ding Rui
Producer Su Ming
Genres Action, Romance, Medical
Country China
Total Episodes 24
Episode 1 Release date Jul 8, 2021
Finale episode date Jul 29, 2021
Airs On Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Broadcast on Youku
Runtime 40 min.

The Flaming Heart (Synopsis)

After Huo Yan graduated from the Civil Defense Academy. He became the vice captain of the fire rescue team. In an incident he had to rescue a pregnant woman from a delivery truck. He met Yan Lan, a doctor working in the emergency department. Their meeting started on the wrong foot, plagued with misunderstandings

Huo Yan had always been cool and classy. by adhering to every situation However, the presence of "sunshine" Yan Lan had become the only uncertain element in his life. Huo Yan and Yan Lan met again on an earthquake relief mission. during the mission They are constantly faced with extreme conditions. saw countless separations due to life and death Make their relationship stronger. after returning to the city With the news of the virus spreading heavily, Yan Lan and his colleagues immediately put in their efforts. By joining the fight to combat the disease, Huo Yan and those who had received help were concerned about Yan Lan's safety and made every effort to quietly support Yan Lan behind her back.

On the other hand, Jiang Tong, deputy instructor of the fire rescue team, fell in love with her shy colleague Wang Dayin and withdrew. Faced with Wang Dayin's constant evasion and family resistance, Jiang Dong was determined to find out the story behind Dayin Palace. In the process, Wang Da Yin gradually grew into a man with a sense of mission and responsibility. Edit Synopsis

The Flaming Heart (Main Cast)

    The Flaming Heart Cast
  • Simon Gong (Huo Yan)
  • The Flaming Heart main role
  • Zhang Hui Wen (Yan Lan)
  • The Flaming Heart actors
  • Wang Zi Wei (Jiang Tong)
  • The Flaming Heart actors
  • Zhou Yan Chen (Wang Da Yin)

  • Pang Han Chen - Luo Jie
  • Zhou Lin Jia - Liu Xuan
  • Luo Yi Bai - Xiao Lin
  • Wang Yi Zhou - Li Yan Liang

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