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It's Beautiful Now (Drama Info)

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Original title 현재는 아름다워
Type Korean Drama, Tv Series
Subtitle English
A.k.a The Present Is Beautiful, Right Now Is Beautiful, Hyeonjaeneun Aleumdawo, Hyun Jae Is Beautiful
Director Kim Sung Geun (김성근)
Screenwriter Ha Myung Hee (하명희)
Genres Romance, Family
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 50
Episode 1 Release date Apr 2, 2022
Last episode airs on Sep 18, 2022
Airs On Saturday, Sunday
7.55 PM (KST)
Broadcast on KBS2
Runtime 70 min.

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It's Beautiful Now (Summary)

It contains the meaning of family and the reality of the current generation who do not want to date or get married.

Lee Hyun-jae, a divorce attorney. He had no interest in dating or marriage, and he was busy, so he couldn't find someone I liked, but when I met Hyun Mi-rae, everything changed.

Lee Yoon-jae, Lee Hyun-jae, and Lee Su-jae are siblings and are not interested in dating or marriage. Her maternal grandfather, Lee Kyung-cheol, and her parents, Lee Min-ho and Han Kyung-ae, are all concerned about their indifference to marriage. They decide to make an offer to the brothers. Their proposal is that the first brother to marry will get an apartment from them. Each brother decides to find a woman to marry.

The middle brother is Lee Hyun-jae. He is a great lawyer and specializes in divorce cases. His work always keeps him busy. One day, he meets a new customer, Hyun Mirae. Hyun Mi-rae, who works as a VIP personal shopper, wants to file a marriage annulment lawsuit.

The eldest brother, Yoon-jae Lee, is working as a dentist. He has run his own dental clinic for the past 5 years and has a good reputation among his patients. One of his patients is Hae-jun Severe. He attends the same law firm as Lee Yoon-jae's younger brother Lee Hyun-jae. She falls in love with the dentist.

This is the youngest Lee Soo-jae. He is studying for the exam to become a civil servant. He also works part-time to pay his bills. While he was working part-time, he met Na Yuna. She dreams of becoming a pastry chef. She came to Seoul to pursue her dream and attended a bakery school. Edit Synopsis

It's Beautiful Now (Main Cast)

    It's Beautiful Now Cast
  • Yoon Shi Yoon (Lee Hyun Jae)
  • It's Beautiful Now main role
  • Bae Da Bin (Hyun Mi Rae)
  • It's Beautiful Now Lead actors
  • Oh Min Suk (Lee Yoon Jae)
  • It's Beautiful Now Cast
  • Seo Bum Jun (Lee Soo Jae)
  • It's Beautiful Now main role
  • Shin Dong Mi (Shim Hae Jun)
  • It's Beautiful Now Lead actors
  • Choi Ye Bin (Na Yoo Na)

  • Park In Hwan - Lee Gyeong Cheol (Min Ho's adoptive father)
  • Park Sang Won - Lee Min Ho (Yoon Jae, Hyun Jae and Soo Jae's father)
  • Kim Hye Ok - Han Kyung Ae (Yoon Jae, Hyun Jae, and Soo Jae's mother)
  • Ban Hyo Jung - Yoon Jung Ja (Jin Heon's mother)
  • Park Ji Young - Jin Soo Jung (Mi Rae and Jung Hoo's mother)
  • Byun Woo Min - Hyun Jin Heon (Mi Rae and Jung Hoo's father)
  • Kim Kang Min - Hyun Jung Hoo (Mi Rae's younger brother)
  • Sun Woo Yong Nyeo - Lee Kyung Soon (Gyeong Cheol's sister)
  • Cha Yeob - Choi Seong Soo (Man Ri and Hye Young's son)
  • Hyun Jyu Ni - Lee So Ra (Seong Soo's wife)
  • Jung Heung Chae - Choi Man Ri (Kyung Soon's son)
  • Kim Ye Ryung Yoo - Hye Young (Man Ri's wife)
  • Bae Geu Rin - So Yeong Eun (Hyun Jae's ex-girlfriend)
  • Lee Hyun Jin - Park Joon Hyung
  • Kim Hyo Kyung - Choi Ha Neul (Seong Soo and So Ra's eldest daughter)
  • Lee Joo Shil Jung - Mi Young (Soo Jung's mother)
  • Im Ye Jin - Choi Ba Da (Seong Soo and So Ra's second daughter)
  • Kim So Min - Choi Hae (Seong Soo and So Ra's youngest son)

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