Star and Sky: Star in My Mind (2022)

Star and Sky: Star in My Mind is a 2022 Thai television series based on the two novels แล้วแต่ดาว & ขั้วฟ้าของผม by Peachhplease.

Star and Sky: Star in My Mind Release date and Updates

Official Poster Star and Sky: Star in My Mind Poster
Original title แล้วแต่ดาว
Type Thai Drama, Tv Series, Gay Romance, Countryside, LGBTQ+, Based on the Novel
Subtitle English
A.k.a Star and Sky Series: Star in My Mind & Sky in Your Heart, Star in My Mind, Sky in Your Heart, Star and Sky
Director New Siwaj Sawatmaneekul (ศิวัจน์ สวัสดิ์มณีกุล)
Screenwriter Inthira Thanasarnsumrit (อินทิรา ธนสารสัมฤทธิ์)
Genres Romance, Youth
Country Thailand
Total Episodes 8
Episode 1 Release date Apr 8, 2022
Finale episode date May 27, 2022
Airs On Friday
Broadcast on GMM 25
Runtime 45 min.
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Story Summary

Divided into two love stories "Star" and "Sky", this series tells the story of love in two different colors.

Star: In high school, Daonuea had a crush on Kabkluen, and confessed her feelings on the last day of her senior year. However, the Kabkluen gently rejected him. Now, when university starts, Daonuea discovers that one of her dormitories is none other than her high school sweetheart Kabkleun. What if you stop loving someone but they start to loving you?

Sky: The sweet love story of a young doctor, Kaufah stationed at a remote provincial hospital, and a volunteer teacher with a bright personality, Prince. Edit Synopsis

Actors and their characters

    Star and Sky: Star in My Mind Cast
  • Dunk Natachai Boonprasert (Daonuea)
  • Star and Sky: Star in My Mind Lead actors
  • Joong Archen Aydin (Kabkluen)
  • Star and Sky: Star in My Mind main role
  • Mek Jirakit Thawornwong (Kuafah)
  • Star and Sky: Star in My Mind Lead actors
  • Mark Jiruntanin Trairattanayon (Prince)

Supporting cast

  • Pepper Phanuroj Chalermkijporntavee - Typhoon / Phoon
  • JJ Chayakorn Jutamas - Pokpong / Pong
  • Earn Preeyaphat Lawsuwansiri - Phaphaeng
  • Ciize Apichaya Saejung - Tingting
  • Winny Thanawin Pholcharoenrat - Ne
  • Thor Thinnaphan Tantui - Noel
  • View Benyapa Jeenprasom - Gia / Georgia
  • Satang Kittipop Sereevichayasawat - Sean
  • Win Pawin Kulkaranyawich - Maithee

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