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A Summer Odyssey Chinese Drama Details

A Summer Odyssey (Web Series)
Drama title & Poster A Summer Odyssey Poster时光分岔的夏天 / A Summer Odyssey
Type Chinese Drama, Web Series
Subtitle English
A.k.a Shi Guang Fen Cha De Xia Tian
Director Lit Phadung Samajarn
Screenwriter Lei Hao, Ning Xin
Genres Music, Youth, Thriller
Country China
Total Episodes 0
Episode 1 Release date 2022 ?
Last episode airs on -
Airs On -
Broadcast on iQiyi
Runtime -
Where can i watch with English Subtitles
"A Summer Odyssey" is currently not confirmed to be released on OTT Streaming platforms.

Story Summary

A band of 4 teenagers formed after three years, but a band that doesn't have many fans, finally got a chance to stand on the stage at the summer music festival. The lead singer fell off the stairs just before the show and lost her memory, who knew the show was a mess now. Edit Synopsis

Actors and their characters

Supporting cast

  • Mark Vachara as Ah Zhan
  • Deng An Qi as Ye Ran
  • Plan Rathavit Kijworalak as Ah Xian
  • Perth Tanapon Sukhumpantanasan as Ah Wu
  • Li Yi Lin as Steven
  • Gun Napat Na Ranong as Ah Dong
  • Fah Yongwaree Anilbol as Bei Ta
  • Title Kirati Puangmalee as Ah Li

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