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'Curtain Call' is one of the most anticipated dramas among the dramas scheduled to air on 31 October 2022, and the newly released teaser alone is raising viewers' expectations.

The first teaser for the upcoming drama “Curtain Call” has been released, and it looks like we’re in for a suspenseful ride. In the trailer, the actors' fascinating acting skills stand out, giving a glimpse of the epic story that will unfold in the future, along with scenes that move quickly between the past and the present.

Ja Geum Soon, who seems to recall memories of the past, looks at the frame and suddenly leads to the past in which a man and a woman (Kang Ha-neul, Ha Ji-won) are chased by something. Their lives just stop suddenly and look at each other affectionately.

Soon after, a scene shows the man (Kang Ha Neul) wearing a North Korean military uniform as he shouts, "Democratic People's Republic of Korea!" Tensions rise as the gunshots startle, only making viewers feel comfortable but slightly confused when a mysterious man (Sung Dong Il) asks Yoo Jae Heon, "Do you want to play with me?"

Finally, Yoo Jae Heon can be heard saying to Ja Geum Soon, “After seeing you off, I have to go back to where you belong. While I'm here, use me". The teaser ends with the drama title seen through a waving curtain, reminiscent of a real Curtaincall signaling the end of the show.

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Curtain Call Release (Tv Series)
Poster Curtain Call Korean Drama Poster
Original title 커튼콜
Type Korean Drama, Tv Series, Kdrama
Subtitle English
A.k.a 나무는 서서 죽는다, Namuneun Seoseo Jukneunda, Namuneun Seoseo Jugneunda, Trees Die on Their Feet, Trees Die Standing Tall, Keoteunkol, A Tree Dies Standing, The Tree Dies Standing
Director Yoon Sang Ho (윤상호)
Screenwriter Jo Seong Geol
Genres Business, Life
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 16
Episode 1 Release date Oct 31, 2022
Last episode airs on Dec 20, 2022
Airs On Monday, Tuesday
Broadcast on KBS2, Viki
Runtime 60 min.

Where to watch Curtain Call online?
Rakuten Viki

Curtain Call Drama Plot Summary

Ja Geum Soon was born in 1930 in present-day North Korea. When the Korean War broke out in the 1950s, she fled to present-day Korea and was separated from her husband and young children. She dreams of reuniting with them and builds a hotel that will become her metaphorical lighthouse and hope to bring her lost family back to her. This hotel has become a successful paradise hotel chain.

Now, Ja Geum Soon is nearing her deathbed, and she dreams of reuniting with her grandson, Im Moon Sung, whom she has never met. Before she dies, her always faithful assistant Jung Sang Cheol plans to bring her peace to her grandmother. He will hire an actor to play the role of Im Moon-Sung. He looks for stage actor Yoo Jae-heon, who is struggling to play a North Korean soldier on the stage. Jaeheon Yoo agrees. Before returning to North Korea, she is said to be in the form of a North Korean defector who came to visit an old woman for a while. But soon it appears that he has bitten more than he can chew. She is also at odds with her granddaughter Park Se-yeon...

Trees Die on Their Feet is a work depicting the story of a North Korean grandmother, who has few days left to live, and a theater actor who plays the role of a grandson to fulfill her last wish.

Ja Geum Soon is a woman born in North Korea in 1930. During the war, she escapes to Korea and breaks up with her husband and children. Waiting for her family, she opens Hotel Nakwon, a hotel chain in Korea.

Jae-heon is an unknown theater actor who takes on the role of Geum-soon's grandson, Moon-seong, to make his wish come true.

Se-yeon is the granddaughter of Geum-soon, who runs Hotel Nakwon. Edit Synopsis

Curtain Call Drama Cast and characters

Supporting Cast

  • Ji Seung Hyun as Park Se Joon
  • Hwang Woo Seul Hye as Ji Won
  • Steven Noh as Ri Moon Sung

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