A Robot in the Orange Orchard Chinese drama (2022)

A Robot in the Orange Orchard Release date and Updates

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Original title 你好呀,我的橘子恋人
Type Chinese Drama, Web Series
Subtitle English
A.k.a Hello My Orange Lover, Ni Hao Ya, Wo De Ju Zi Lian Ren, Robot in the Orange Garden
Director Xing Xiao
Screenwriter -
Genres Romance, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Country China
Total Episodes 30
Episode 1 Release date May 20, 2022
Last episode airs on Jun 20, 2022
Airs On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Broadcast on Youku
Runtime 40 min.

Where to watch A Robot in the Orange Orchard online with English subtitles?
Rakuten Viki YOUKU

Story Summary

Lu Sen, the chairman of technology company 'emu', is suffering from a rare disease. When he touches a person, he develops an allergic reaction. It happened that the genius Dr. Bo Yang secretly created the intelligent robot "Friday".

At the last minute. Dr. Fu Yang was forced to hire his former assistant Yang Shan Shan to replace "Friday" because Yang Shan Shan played "Friday.” Lusen felt infinitely safe. He found that as long as "Friday" lasts, he can come into contact with humans and not lose anymore. This discovery made him even more indistinguishable from "Friday". And Lu Sen's love for "Friday" gradually breaks Yang Shan Shan's heart. Knowing that deception can make Lu Sen's illness worse or even death, Yang Shan Shan must bury the truth about not being a robot

Lu Sen's competitor, Li Jing Cheng, secretly investigates and discovers that Lu Sen is secretly working on a robotics project. Li Jing Cheng also found out about "Friday." The truth about a decade-long car accident is revealed once again. Edit Synopsis

Actors and their characters

Supporting cast

  • Zhu Yun Hui as Kang Li Er
  • Cheng Ye Qing as Pai Song
  • Wang Ce as Li Jing Cheng
  • An Xiao Ge as Wang Yun Cheng
  • Wang Fang as Bo Yang
  • Jiang Qin Yun as Tang Ya Jing
  • Zhou Yu Hang as Li Zhan

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