Alienoid Korean Movie (2022)

Alienoid Movie Cast, Summary & Release date

Alienoid is a Action Sci-Fi Korean film about aliens appear on Earth, which are quite rare in the Korean film industry. Directed by Choi Dong Hoon, It is set to release on Jul 20, 2022.

Official Poster Alienoid Poster
Original title 외계+인 1부
Type Korean film
Also Known As (AKA) Alien + People, Alien, Alien + Man, Oegye+In, Alien + Person, Alien + People Part 1, Wegye+In, 외계인
Director Choi Dong Hoon
Screenwriter Choi Dong Hoon
Genres Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Country South Korea
Release date Jul 20, 2022
Runtime 2 hr. 22 min.

Where to watch Alienoid online with english subtitles?
Alienoid has yet to be confirmed for release on the OTT Streaming platform.

Story Summary

The door of time opens between the swordsman who wants to acquire the legendary divine sword of the end of Goryeo and those who pursue alien prisoners trapped in the human body in 2022. Edit Synopsis

Actors and their Characters

Supporting Cast

  • So Ji Sub as Moon Do Seok
  • Yeom Jung as Ah Heug Seol
  • Jo Woo Jin as Cheon Woon

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