Hope or Dope 2: Web Series (2022)

Hope or Dope 2 Drama Cast, Summary & Release date

Hope or Dope 2 (Korean: 소년비행2) is an upcoming South Korean web drama starring Won Ji An, Yoon Chan Young, Yoon Hyun Soo, Yang Seo Hyun and Han Se Jin. It is scheduled for release on Viki on 31 May 2022.

Hope or Dope 2 (Web Series)
Official Poster Hope or Dope 2 Poster
Original title 소년비행2
Type Korean Drama, Web Series
Subtitle English
A.k.a Juvenile Delinquency 2, Boys Flight 2, Sonyeonbihaeng 2, Hope Or Dope season 2, Hope or Dope part 2
Director Jo Yong Ik
Screenwriter Jung Soo Yoon
Genres Romance, Youth
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 8
Release date May 31, 2022
Airs On Tuesday
Broadcast on Viki
Runtime 30 min.
Where to watch Hope or Dope 2 online with english subtitles?
Rakuten Viki

Story Summary

After many years of being used as a drug mule by her parents, 18-year-old Da-Jun Kyung may have been locked up in her old life forever if a series of unfortunate events during childbirth did not force her to escape. Da-jun, who had fled to a small country village nestled deep in the Korean countryside, may have had a chance to start her new life, but her fate was unlikely to be so friendly.

Da-jun, who became friends with Gong Yun-tak and his friends Gong Yun-jae, Kim Kook-hee, and Hong Ae-ran, was able to spend the rest of her teenage years relatively peacefully shortly after her arrival. But everything changes when the group discovers perfectly cultivated marijuana fields growing just outside of town. Unable to resist the urge to use this discovery to his advantage, Da-jun quickly drags Yoon-tak and his friends into the world of drugs and crime. He was able to overcome one set of difficulties, but his friends now find themselves having to overcome an entirely different set of obstacles.

In a situation where their lives are at stake, can Da-jun, Yun-tak, and their friends get out of the chaos before it's too late? Edit Synopsis

Actors and their characters

Supporting cast

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