The Emperor's Love Chinese Drama (2023)

The Emperor's Love Drama Cast, Summary & Release date

The Emperor's Love (Chinese: 倾城亦清欢) is an upcoming Chinese web series starring Wallace Chung and Yuan Bing Yan. It is based on Nian Hua Re Xiao's (拈花惹笑) web novel Wang De Nü Ren Shei Gan Dong (王的女人谁敢动).

It tells the story of the emperor's uncle, who is called the 'god of war', and a talented female doctor who pretends to be crazy and foolish to protect herself.

The Emperor's Love (Web Series)
Official Poster The Emperor's Love Poster
Original title 倾城亦清欢
Type Chinese Drama, Web Series
Subtitle English
A.k.a The King Loves Qing Huan, King's Woman, Allure Is Also Qinghuan, Wang de Nv Ren Shei Gan Dong, Qing Cheng and Qing Huan, Who Dares to Move, Yong Feng Qing, 咏风清, 王的女人谁敢动, 傾城亦清歡
Director Zhu Shao Jie
Screenwriter Jing Fan, Lihua Jiang
Genres Historical, Medical, Romance, War
Country China
Total Episodes 36
Release date 2023
Last episode airs on -
Airs On -
Broadcast on iQiyi
Runtime 45 min.

Where to watch The Emperor's Love online with english subtitles?
The Emperor's Love has yet to be confirmed for release on the OTT Streaming platform.

The Emperor's Love Story Summary

An intense love story between the 9th prince of Beimu, who has power across the land, and a wise female doctor.

Zhan Qing Cheng (Wallace Chung) is the emperor's uncle. He is a master of strategy, but his life is short. He is also the leader of the mysterious Tianzunmen sect. Feng Qing Huan (Yuan Bing Yan) is the daughter of the Feng family. Although she is actually a doctor with excellent medical skills, she has to pretend to be crazy to protect herself. Characters whose status changes in the intrigue of the court depict the virtues of the family and the nation. Edit Synopsis

The Emperor's Love Actors and their Characters

The Emperor's Love Supporting Cast

  • Jason Gu as Mu Mu
  • Zhang Yue as Feng Qing Yin
  • Jeffrey as Zhan Yu Heng
  • Du Yu Chen as Zhan Luo Ri
  • Wang Yan as Nan Men Rong
  • Sheren Tang as Madame Butterfly
  • Yue Yao Li as Mo Xi / Yan Bai
  • Samuel Gu as Tuoba Ke Yan
  • Tan Jian Chang as Di Yi
  • Dai Yi as Jing Zhao Yin
  • Wang Shuo as Feng Jun Zhuo
  • Na Jia Wei as Nan Men Ye
  • Feng Bo as Lu Nu
  • Gao Shu Guang as Emperor Qi Wen (Guest Appearance)
  • Tien Niu Empress as Dowager Ning (Guest Appearance)
  • Chen Zi Han as Long Fei Yan (Guest Appearance)

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