A Dream of Splendor: Chinese Drama (2022)

A Dream of Splendor Drama Cast, Summary & Release date

A Dream of Splendor (Chinese: 梦华录) is a 2022 Chinese web drama based on Guan Han Qing's novel play Saving the Prostitute (Zhao Pan Er Feng Yue Jiu Feng Chen). It is scheduled to premiere on Tencent Video on Jun 2, 2022.

A Dream of Splendor (Web Series)
Official Poster A Dream of Splendor Poster
Original title 梦华录
Type Chinese Drama, Adapted from an Opera, Web drama
Also Known As (AKA) 汴京梦华图, Record of Dreams and Blossoms, Bian Liang Meng Hua Tu, Meng Hua Lu
Director Yang Yang
Screenwriter Zhang Wei
Genres Historical, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 40
Release date Jun 2, 2022 10:00 AM
Last episode airs on Jul 7, 2022
Airs On Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Broadcast on Tencent Video
Runtime 45 min.

Where to watch A Dream of Splendor online with english subtitles?

Story Summary

Zhao Pan'er, who opened a tea house in Hangzhou, received the good news that his fiancee, Ouyang Xu, successfully passed the civil exam. However, she later realized he had left her. The beautiful and intelligent Zhao Pan'er opened the door of equality for women of low social status in ancient times amid the many hardships in life.

Zhao Pan'er refuses to let fate decide to go to the capital to ask her fiancée for an explanation. Along the way, she rushes to help her good friend, Song Yinzhang, who has been tricked into marrying and Victim of harassment at the same time She also saved the life of Sun Sannieng, whose failed marriage led to her suicide attempt.

When Ouyang Xu learned that Zhao Pan'er had come looking for him, he tried to drive her away. Zhao Pan'er, Song Yinzhang, and Sun Sanniang decided to stay in Bianjing, relying on their own abilities to carve a path to success.

After all kinds of hardships Three brothers work together to transform a small teahouse. To become the largest establishment in Bianjing, Zhao Pan'er gradually learned to let himself live and unleashed his hatred for Ouyang Xu. Edit Synopsis

Cast & Characters

Netizen Questions & Answers

Where can i watch A Dream of Splendor?

It is set set to premiere globally Jun 2, 2022, You can watch A Dream of Splendor on WETV with english Subtitles.

Where to read the novel?

A Dream of Splendor adapted from the play Saving the Prostitute (赵盼儿风月救风尘) by Guan Hanqing, You can read it here in Chinese.

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