One Week Friends Chinese Movie (2022)

One Week Friends Drama Cast, Summary & Release date

One Week Friends (Movie)
Official Poster One Week Friends Poster
Original title 一周的朋友
Type Based on a Manga Anime, Chinese Film
Also Known As (AKA) Yi Zhou De Peng You
Director Hsiao Chien Lin
Screenwriter Hermes Lü
Genres Friendship, Psychological, School, Romance, Life
Country China
Release date Jun 18, 2022
Runtime 1 hr. 46 min.
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Story Summary

The story of a girl who forgets her friend every week and her classmates who become friends with her over and over again.

Quiet and smart, Lin Xiangzhi (Angel Zhao) who always maintains himself, catches the eye of his classmate Xu Youshu (Lin Yi). While trying to befriend her and her, he learns a secret that can keep her memory for only 7 days. Xu Youshu is even more determined to help this girl who has isolated herself from everyone. Edit Synopsis

Actors and their Characters

Supporting Cast

  • Fan Shi Ran as Xu Jie
  • Zhang Chen Xiao as Xu Yi

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