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Villains (2023) Korean Drama Details

Villains (Tv Series)
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Original title 빌런즈
Type Korean Drama, Sociopath, Criminal, Revenge
Also Known As (AKA) Syupeonoteu: Billeondeului Jeonseongsidae, The Golden Age of Villains, Super Note: The Golden Age of Villains, Super Note: The Heyday of the Villains, 슈퍼노트: 빌런들의 전성시대, 빌런들의 전성시대
Director Jin Hyeok
Screenwriter Kim Hyung Joon
Genres Thriller, Crime
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 0
Release date 2023
Last episode airs on -
Airs On -
Broadcast on TVING
Runtime 60 min.

Where to watch Villains online with english subtitles?
Villains has yet to be confirmed for release on the OTT Streaming platform.

Villains Drama Plot Summary

A bloody battle unfolds between the villains over the ultra-high-definition counterfeit bills.

Codename J is a veiled criminal planner who is very clever. He has a 100% win rate in crime. J proudly calls each and every one of his own crimes a masterpiece.

Jang Joong-hyuk is a corrupt detective who is obsessed with money. He uses his status as a detective to take bribes from people and steal money from thieves.

Cha Ki-Tae once served as the head of the National Intelligence Service's financial crime investigation, but he no longer does that job. Ji-tae Cha's life is in chaos due to J's planned crime five years ago. Now Cha Ki-tae is chasing a man named J.

Five years ago, J's planned crime completely ruined Han Soo-hyun's life. After that, she learned the art of counterfeiting from the monk Yang. She is now the number one counterfeit artist. She waits for a moment to get revenge on J. That moment is now. Edit Synopsis

Villains Drama Cast and Characters

Supporting Cast

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