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Queen Maker (Netflix Series)
Official Poster Queen Maker Poster
Original title 퀸 메이커
Type Korean Drama, Female Centered Plot, Sismance
Also Known As (AKA) W: 죽지 않는 여자들의 도시, W: Jukji Anhneun Yeojadeuleui Dosi, The City of Women Who Never Die, Kwin Meikeo
Director Oh Jin Suk
Screenwriter Moon Ji Young
Genres -
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 12
Release date 2023
Last episode airs on -
Airs On -
Broadcast on Netflix
Runtime 60 min.

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Queen Maker Plot Summary

"Queen Maker" depicts the story of two women who have lived completely different lives, but give up everything and combine forces to create a just and true world.

Hwang Do-hee is an experienced career woman who has not fallen from a 12 centimeter (about 4.7 inches) tall stiletto in her past 12 years. She is the head of strategic planning at Eunsung Group, the best in the field of PI (President Identity) consulting and the third largest company in Korea. She can perfectly suggest the direction of reducing owner risk by analyzing the appearance, tone of voice, habits, tastes, rumors, fatal weaknesses, etc. of the Eunsung group's owner family. Despite all her efforts in this field, she strives to overcome her adversity and make Oh Seung-suk the mayor of Seoul.

Oh Seung Sook is a labor rights lawyer nicknamed 'Crazy rhinoceros'. Oh Seung-suk has been winning like 'rhino’s horn' for the common people and workers for the past 20 years, and she is the self-proclaimed Lady of South Korea's justice. She has served as president of the Women's Workers' Association, president of the Korean Women's Rights Movement Association, and representative of the Labor Solidarity Human Rights Foundation, proving the allure of a powerful female who does nothing to protect her underdog. Seung-suk Oh, now a labor rights lawyer and her popular YouTuber, was not interested in authority, but with the help of 'Queen Maker' Hwang Do-hee, she decides to become the mayor of Seoul. Edit Synopsis

Queen Maker Cast and Characters

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