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Wild Bloom (2022) Chinese Drama Details

Wild Bloom is an upcoming chinese drama adapted from the novel Bu De Wang Sheng 不得往生 by A Nai, starring Zhao Li Ying (Xu Ban Xia) and Ou Hao (Tong Xiao Qi).

Wild Bloom (Web Series)
Official Poster Wild Bloom Poster
Original title 野蛮生长
Type Chinese Drama, Female Centered Plot, cdrama, Adapted from a Novel
Also Known As (AKA) Ye Man Sheng Zhang
Director Fu Dong Yu
Screenwriter Zhang Ting
Genres Business, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 36
Release date 2022
Last episode airs on -
Airs On -
Broadcast on iQiyi
Runtime 45 min.

Where to watch Wild Bloom online with english subtitles?
Wild Bloom has yet to be confirmed for release on the OTT Streaming platform.

Story Summary

In the 1990s, Xu Ban Xia is a woman with the vision and power to overcome many obstacles and carve out her place in the male-dominated steel industry. Xu Ban Xia's mother died during her childbirth and her father did not take care of her. Nevertheless, she said that Xu Ban Xia faced her challenges and became strong, proud and fearless.

Xu Ban Xia and her good friends Xiao Chen and Tong Xiao Qi take on the challenge of transporting scrap metal. In an industry dominated by men, Xu Ban Xia relies on her adventurous and pragmatic attitude to overcome countless hardships and survive her death.

She eventually starts an international steel import business. As Xu Banxia develops her keen sense of the market to gradually expand her business and grow in her own field, she finds her love at the same time. Edit Synopsis

Cast and their Characters

Supporting Cast

  • Li Guang Jie as Zhao Lei
  • Liu Wei as Wu Jian She
  • Ke Lan Gao as Yue Jin
  • Wang Jin Song as Xu You Ren
  • Feng Jia Yi as Qiu Bi Zheng
  • Ren Zhong as Feng Yu
  • Song Han Huan as Guo Qi Dong
  • Shi An as Lao Su
  • Huang Cheng Cheng as Xiao Chen
  • Sun Qian as Ye Mao
  • Wang Xi as Zhou Qian

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