Emergency Declaration Korean Movie (2022)

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Emergency Declaration (2022)
Drama title & Poster Emergency Declaration Poster
비상선언 Emergency Declaration
Type Korean Film, Aviation Terrorism, Drama
Also Known As (AKA) Declaration of Emergency, Bisangseoneon, State of Emergency, Bisangsuneon, Bisang Seoneon
Director Han Jae Rim
Screenwriter -
Genres Action, Thriller
Country South Korea
Release date Aug 3, 2022
Runtime 2 hr. 27 min.
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Story Summary

In-ho, a veteran detective, receives a report from a man about an aircraft terrorism and learns that the suspect actually boarded the KI501 while investigating. Despite his fear of flying, Jae-hyeok decides to go to Hawaii for his daughter. At the airport, Jae Hyuk is distracted by a suspicious man walking around in a threatening tone. Flight KI501 departs Incheon International Airport and heads for Hawaii, but soon a man dies for an unknown reason, and a situation of fear and confusion spreads not only on the plane but also on the ground. Upon hearing the news, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Sook-hee set up a counter-terrorism countermeasure headquarters and convened an emergency response meeting to seek a way to land the KI501. Edit Synopsis

Cast and Characters

Supporting Cast

  • Park Jae Wan (Guest Appearance)
  • Woo Ju Bin (Guest Appearance)
  • Choi Young Do (Guest Appearance)
  • Jeon Se Yong (Guest Appearance)
  • Jun Eun Mi
  • Seo Suk Gyu as Airplane passenger
  • Seol In Ah

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