Lighter and Princess Chinese Drama (Web Series 2022)

Lighter and Princess Drama Cast, Summary & Release date

Lighter and Princess (Chinese: 打火机与公主裙) is an upcoming Chinese web series based on Twentine's novel Da Huo Ji Yu Gong Zhu Qun" (打火机与公主裙), starring Chen Fei Yu (Li Xun) and Zhang Jing Yi (Zhu Yun). It is scheduled to premiere on Youku in August 2022.

Lighter and Princess (Web Series)
Drama title & Poster Lighter and Princess Poster打火机与公主裙 / Lighter and Princess
Type Cdrama, Adapted from a Novel
Also Known As (AKA) 打火機與公主裙, The Lighter and the Princess' Gown, Lighter and Princess' Dress, Da Huo Ji Yu Gong Zhu Qun
Director Liu Jun Jie
Screenwriter Zhou Yong, Twentine
Genres Business, Romance, Youth
Country China
Total Episodes 36
Release date Aug, 2022
Last episode airs on 2022
Airs On -
Broadcast on Youku
Runtime 45 min.

Where to watch Lighter and Princess online with english subtitles?
Rakuten Viki

Story Summary

It depicts a love story of programming genius Li Xun and schoolboy Joo Yoon, who grow hand in hand from campus to the workplace.

Zhu Yun (Zhang Jing Yi) enters college, her world is turned upside down by the invasion of "bad boy" Li Xun (Chen Fei Yu). Zhu Yun mistook him for an ignorant, incompetent, wealthy kid, but later found out that he was a rare programming genius, specially admitted to their school. After several confrontations, the two develop a feeling of gratitude for each other.

Senior student Fang Zhijing continues to make life difficult for Zhu Yun. Li Xun not only advocates for her, but also invites her to join her he-made team to participate in her major programming competition on behalf of her school. Zhu Yun and Li Xun become a couple despite their differences in family background. Close to her business success, Fang Zhijing indirectly drives her Li Xun's sister into a car accident. After that, Li Xun hit the bottom of his life, and Zhu Yun constantly stayed by his side. Edit Synopsis

Cast and Characters

Supporting Cast

  • Zhao Zhi Wei as Gao Jian Hong
  • Qian Di Di as Xu Li Na
  • Cui Yu Xin as Fang Zhi Jing
  • Jenny Zeng as Ren Di
  • Hu Wen Xuan as Fu Yi Zhuo
  • Ma Ke as Tian Xiu Zhu
  • Jill Hsu as Li Lan
  • Zhao Zi Qi as Liu Ai Lin
  • Li Jian Yi as Lin Lao Tou
  • Tian Lei Xi as Zhang Xiao Bei
  • Gao Xuan Ming as Hou Ning
  • Bai Zhi Jie as Guo Shijie
  • Young Cao as Xiao Liu Zi
  • Natas Asoka as Zhang Fang
  • Qi Jie as Zhao Teng
  • Wan Guo Peng as Wu Meng Xing
  • Li Jia Hao as Han Jia Kang
  • Zhang Xi Lin as Dong Si Yang
  • Tu Song Yan as Zhu Guang Yi
  • Jiang Zi Xin as Fang Shu Miao

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