Oh! My Sunshine Night Drama Cast, Summary & Release date

Oh! My Sunshine Night (2022) Thai Drama Details

Oh! My Sunshine Night (Tv Series)
Official Poster Oh! My Sunshine Night Poster
Original title เลิฟ@นาย
Type Thai Drama, Music, College Life, Friendship
Also Known As (AKA) Oh My Sunshine Night, Love at 9
Director Ongart Singlumpong
Screenwriter -
Genres Romance
Country Thailand
Total Episodes 14
Release date Jul 4, 2022
Last episode airs on Oct 3, 2022
Airs On Monday
Broadcast on -
Runtime 56 min.
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Where to watch Oh! My Sunshine Night online with english subtitles?
Oh! My Sunshine Night has yet to be confirmed for release on the OTT Streaming platform.

Story Summary

Khim and Rain are siblings from the Kannakool real estate family. Rain is a friendly 4th grader who is very different from his younger brother, Kim, a quiet and introverted 3rd year student. The two siblings have a friend and bodyguard named Phayu, the son of the butler of the Kannakool family.

Kim's world changes as she meets Sun, who has just transferred to college. Sun likes to play the guitar, but is an optimist born with heart disease. A good relationship develops between Kim and Sun in the classic club, but misunderstandings, rivals, and family problems await them in the near future. What fate will they face? Edit Synopsis

Cast and their Characters

Supporting Cast

  • Noh Phouluang Thongprasert as Rain - Kim's brother
  • Dew Nitikorn Pankram as Pie
  • Kan Krittikorn Jaruthammaporn as Petch
  • Lift Supoj Janjareonborn as Santi - Phayu's father
  • Sataporn Nakwilairoj as Kacha - Kim's father
  • Yaimai Shinaradee Anupongpichart as Baibua
  • Na-Chatra Vanessa Herrmann as Suwan
  • Natthew Nat Thewphaingam as Wannasingh
  • Pear Rachanee Siralert as Oranee - Kim's mother
  • Meen Nattakrit Hamontri as Tony
  • Peterpan Thasapon Wiwitwaron as Phayu
  • Ufa Nattawat Tunkaew as Choon
  • Ryan Panya Mcshane as Oh
  • Ping Sukit Dechnathi as Euro
  • Peat Wasuthorn Chaijinda as Toy

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