Love Like the Galaxy: Part 2 Drama Cast, Summary & Release date

Love Like the Galaxy: Part 2 (2022) Chinese Drama Details

Love Like the Galaxy: Part 2 is an upcoming Chinese Drama is a prequel to Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1, the series adapted from the novel Xing Han Can Lan, Xing Shen Zhi Zai by Guan Xin Ze Luan

Love Like the Galaxy: Part 2 (Tv Series)
Poster Love Like the Galaxy: Part 2 Poster月升沧海 Love Like the Galaxy: Part 2
Type Cdrama, Adapted from a Novel
Also Known As (AKA) Moon Ascending the Deep Sea, Yue Sheng Cang Hai, Xing Han Can Lan, Xing Han Can Lan, Xing Shen Zhi Zai, 月升沧海, 星汉灿烂, 星汉灿烂, 幸甚至哉, 星汉灿烂第二季
Director Fei Zhen Xiang
Screenwriter Zou Yue
Genres Historical, Political, Mystery, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 29
Episode 1 Release date Jul 27, 2022
Last episode airs on Aug 30, 2022
Airs On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Broadcast on Dragon TV, Tencent Video
Runtime 45 min.

Where to watch Love Like the Galaxy: Part 2 online with english subtitles?
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Story Summary

This is the second and final installment of "Love Like the Galaxy".

Cheng Shao Shang is a young woman who has to grow up alone after most of her family had to leave to fight a bloody war. As a result, she grew up alone in an unforgiving environment, wild and resourceful, but also stubborn and unreliable. She realizes it's hard to find the good in her people, and assumes that everyone she meets is trying to make her better. She defends herself in a village inhabited by people like her left behind by her wars.

One day, a talented, powerful and influential general, Ling Bui Yi, comes to her village and falls in love with her at first sight. He decides to marry her with her. Even if the problems are endless if he decides to pursue this union. She also warns that she doesn't trust him and that her stubborn personality may not be suitable for the general's wife. But she also has a secret to Ling Bui, and there are facts about his identity that she doesn't even know about. Gradually, they start to trust each other a little more, and begin to investigate the truth about Lingbui's childhood, family, and real identity. Edit Synopsis

Cast and their Characters

Supporting Cast

  • Guo Tao as Cheng Shi
  • Wang Zhuo Cheng as Crown Prince Yuan
  • Xu Jiao as Cheng Yang
  • Zeng Lias Xiao Yuan Yi
  • Bao Jian Feng as Emperor Wen
  • Zhang Yue as Wan Qi Qi
  • Jiang Yi Ming as Cheng Song
  • Yu Cheng En as Lou Yao
  • Li Yun Rui as Yuan Shen
  • Estelle Chen as He Zhao Jun
  • Gao Han - Third Prince
  • Wang Zi Wei - Fifth Princess
  • Cao Xi Wen as Yue Heng
  • Tong Lei as Xuan Shen An
  • Han Shuai as Liang Shang
  • Chen Yi Han as He Zhao Jun
  • Kenan Sheng as Liang Shang Zi
  • Kira Shi as Wang Yan Ji
  • Xu Di as Mrs. Cheng
  • Zhang Tian Yang as Cheng Zhi
  • Sha Bao Liang as Ling Yi

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