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20th Century Girl is an upcoming South Korean film directed and written by Bang Woo Ri. The film depicts the friendship and freshness of first love. It will be released on Netflix on October 21, 2022.

20th Century Girl 20세기 소녀 (2022)
Poster 20th Century Girl Poster
Type Korean Movie
Also Known As (AKA) 이십세기 소녀, The Twentieth Century Girl, Isibsegi Sonyeo, 20segi Sonyeo
Director Bang Woo Ri
Screenwriter Bang Woo Ri
Genres Romance, Melodrama, Youth
Country South Korea
Release date Oct 6, 2022
Runtime 119 min.
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20th Century Girl Plot Summary

In 1999, a golden-hearted teenager begins scrutinizing a popular classmate to ask for the best friend he is in love with.

Bo Ra is a 17-year-old high school student. She is good at Taekwondo and has a bright and positive personality. She is also a member of the broadcasting club at her school. Woon Ho is a member of the same broadcasting club.

Bo Ra is best friends with Yeondu, who attends the same school. Yeon-doo has a crush on Hyun-jin. She asks Bo Ra everything about Hyun-jin and goes to America for her heart surgery. After that, she begins to closely observe Hyunjin Bo Ra and she falls in love with him. Edit Synopsis

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