The Queen's Umbrella (Netflix Series 2022)

The Queen's Umbrella Kdrama Release date and More Details

The Queen's Umbrella is an upcoming South Korean television series directed by Kim Hyung Shik. It is scheduled for release on tvN on 15 Oct 2022. It will also be available for streaming on Netflix.

'The Queen's Umbrella' has released a poster set centered on the one and only queen, Kim Hye-soo.

tvN's new Saturday-Sunday drama 'The Queen's Umbrella' is a historical drama depicting the special education of palaces in the Joseon Dynasty. It is a drama depicting the conflict within the palace to make a proper prince among the five princes who are the troubles of the royal family.

Kim Hye Soo will be starring in the drama as Queen Im Hwa Ryung. Wife of a great king and long-suffering mother of five troubled sons.

The Queen's Umbrella Kdrama

In one first poster, the queen is at the forefront of the powerful female procession inside the Joseon Dynasty, exuding restrained charisma. Kim Hye-soo leads the crowd as Queen Hwa Ryung, followed by her queen's favorite two queens (Jeong Ja-yeon, Kim Ga-eun), each with curious expressions. Finally, the strongest Empress Dowager (Kim Hae-sook) in the palace wears a golden hanbok and catches the eye with a different charisma.

Bad Prosecutor Kdrama

In the second poster Queen Hwaryeong becomes the mother of three troubled princes. Her eyebrows furrowed in the appearance of Prince Sung Nam (Moon Sang Min) Prince Gye Sung (Yoo Seon Ho) and Prince Muan (Yoon Sang Hyun) surrounds her, especially The three princes also had distinct personalities. indicated in the gesture facial expressions, etc.

The Queen's Umbrella 슈룹 (2022)
Poster The Queen's Umbrella Poster
Type Korean Drama, Dark comedy, Historical Fiction, Joseon Dynasty, Kdrama
Also Known As (AKA) Umbrella, Shuroop, Syurub
Director Kim Hyung Shik
Screenwriter Park Ba-ra
Genres Historical, Political, Comedy
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 16
Release date Oct 15, 2022
Last episode airs on Dec 4, 2022
Airs On Saturday, Sunday
Broadcast on Netflix, tvN
Runtime 60 min.

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Story Summary

Inside the palace, there was a troubled prince who had not caused trouble for the royal family and was about to become a suitable crown prince. Their mother, Im Hwar yeong, was the wife of the great king. But instead there is an aura of elegance and grace. She turned out to be a thorny, sensitive and hot-tempered queen. calm down again She changed when someone pressed her button. She is a queen who sometimes renounces her pride and is even known to swear! Every day of her life was full of trials. But she endured for her children. Edit Synopsis

Cast and Characters

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