Why mystery thriller “Blind” is worth-watching!

tvN's new mystery thriller 'Blind' is about to air!

tvN's new mystery thriller 'Blind' is about to air!

'Blind', starring Ha Seok-jin, 2PM's Taecyeon, and Apink's Jung Eun-ji, tells the story of those who have been unfairly victims because they are ordinary people and the perpetrators who close their eyes to the uncomfortable truth. The story revolves around a detective, a judge, a law school student, and a jury.

Reasons Why You Should Watch Korean Drama “Blind”

In "Blind," the jury of a specific case begins to die one by one in a mysterious serial murder case. In the drama, Taecyeon plays Ryu Sung Joon, a detective who tries to catch criminals. Ha Seok-jin takes on the role of Ryu Sung-hoon, the older brother of Ryu Sung-hoon, a judge who is a perfectionist. Jung Eun Ji takes on the role of Jo Eun Ji, a social worker who is one of the jury members in the same murder case. The three become entangled in a fierce pursuit of the man behind the murder.

tvN's new mystery thriller 'Blind' is about to air!

The teaser released earlier showed an unknown person studying and killing jury photos. As the suspense rises, the chase to catch the mysterious criminal continues.

With the three characters at the center of the plot, the rest of the jury is also noteworthy. In "Joker's Murder Case", nine jurors were randomly selected, including Jo Eun Ki. From age to gender to background, nothing about them is the same. However, they became the target of a serial murder case by participating in the case as a jury.

This raises the question "why?" Is their role the only link? Or is there another similarity that hasn't been revealed yet? However, as the story progresses, more questions surface, such as the truth behind the horrific memories that haunt Ryu Sung Joon.

tvN's new mystery thriller 'Blind' is about to air!

'Blind' is scheduled to conduct an exhilarating investigation with the participation of all the viewers, and at the center of it, there are three people of teamwork without a single speck. The exquisite harmony of Taecyeon, who has established himself as a notable actor, and Jung Eun Ji, who is versatile, and Ha Seok Jin, who is soft and charismatic.

'Blind' will premiere on September 16 at 10:40 pm. (KST).

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