Absolute Boyfriend, 절대 그이, Korean drama 2019

Absolute Boyfriend 2019, Plot synopsis, cast, trailer, south Korean Tv series

Absolute Boyfriend 2019

Native Title: 절대 그이
Alternative English title: Jeoldae Geui , My Absolute Boyfriend , Roco King ,Romcom King
Directors: Jung Jung Hwa
Screenwriters: Yang Hyuk Moon
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Synopsis of Absolute Boyfriend

A young woman who has always been unhappy in love, goes from having nobody in her life to the strangest love triangle. Guan Xiao Fei (Ku Hye Sun) has always been rejected by the boys she liked. But her happiness changes when she finds a lost cell phone and returns it to Lei Wu Wu (Na Wei Xun), a mysterious salesman. When Xiao Fei mentions her desire to find a boyfriend, Wu Wu tells her to go to his company's website and order an "absolutely perfect friend". Out of curiosity, Xiao Fei goes to the site and enters her preferences and is shocked when her new lover arrives the next day. She calls him "Ni Te" (Jiro Wang) and activates him with a kiss with the intention of sending him back after the 48-hour trial period. But two days later, Wu Wu appears at her front door and tells her that she owes his company 100,000,000 NTD to Ni Te. Wu Wu is able to negotiate with his company to allow Xiao Fei to keep Ni Te, but she must keep the mail order friend secret. When childhood friend Yan Zong Shi (Kun Da) returns to Xiao Fei's life and confesses his love for her, the life of Xiao Fei becomes even more complicated and she has to choose between her "absolute friend" and her true lover. It is based on a Japanese manga series with the same title.(Source:viki)

Cast - Main role of Absolute Boyfriend

Yeo Jin Goo as Young Goo | Bang Min Ah as Uhm Dan Dan | Hong Jong Hyun as Ma Wang Joon
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