Arthdal Chronicles Stunning 12 Character Main poster

Arthdal Chronicles Stunning 12 Character, cast, trailer, south Korean Tv series

Arthdal ​​Chronicles 12 Character Poster

The new weekend drama "Arthdal ​​Chronicles" weaves an exciting story of heroes who make their own legends in the old country of Arth. Song Joong Ki plays Eun Seom, the son of the noble Asahon (Choo Ja Hyun) and a member of the Wahan tribe, and Kim Ji Won plays Tan Ya, the guard and shaman of the Wahan tribe.

With its beautiful scale, star-studded line-up and dramatic teasers, the show has already become a hot issue among viewers. Amidst all the excitement, tvN has released a 12-member main poster for the first part of the exciting chronicle.

In the poster, each of the 12 characters show off their unique personalities. In the middle are Jang Dong Gun and Song Joong Ki that enchant the audience with their intense radiance. Like the character Ta Gon, a warrior who dreams of conquering Arthdal ​​for himself, Jang Dong Gun poses dramatically in front of the poster with his intense gaze. Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki also attracts the audience with its mystical atmosphere through its transformation into a member of the Wahan tribe.

Furthermore Kim Ji Won, who will play Tan Ya, the successor of the Wahan clan, is also dressed in a similar style to Song Joong Ki with a wreath on her head, paintings on her face and an interesting expression. On the other hand, Taeilha, played by Kim Ok Bin, left a strong impression with her sharp eye as the ambitious daughter of a tribal leader.

Together with the subtitle "Part 1: Children of the Prophecy", the talented actors in the poster predict the intense battle that will take place for control over Arth.

Kim Eui Sung plays San Woong, the father of Ta Gon and the head of Arthdal's federation, while Jo Sung Ha will play Mi Hol, Taeilha's father and the head of their tribe. Charismatic Lee Do Kyung has also aroused curiosity with a hidden secret by taking on the role of Asalon, the tribal member responsible for sacrifices and rituals. Park Hae Joon as Moo Baek, Park Byung Eun as Dan Byuk and Shin Joo Hwan as Dal Sae are also shown on the poster with serious expressions. Finally, Yoo Tae Oh as Ragaz and Choo Ja Hyun as Asahon contrast each other with their heavy darkness and brightness.

The production staff said: 'Arthdal ​​Chronicles' has worked too hard to display the lives, desires and ambitions of the old people with intensity. Please look forward to 'Arthdal ​​Chronicles', which is the fateful and twisted story of the will tell various characters. (Source: Soompi)
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