Lee Seung-Gi and Suzy Baes New Drama, Vagabond are released worldwide

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The "little brother" Lee Seung-Gi from South Korea and the dazzling Suzy Bae will soon appear on our television screens again!

Their new Korean Korean drama with the title Vagabond will be released around September this year. Although the series is produced by SBS, international fans will be happy to know that the drama is also being released worldwide via Netflix(Vagabond).

Vagabond is an action drama about Lee's character, Cha Dal-Gun, a stunt man with dreams of an action star trying to unravel the truth behind a mysterious plane crash. Suzy plays Go Hae-Ri, a National Intelligence Service agent who becomes a secret agent.
With a gigantic production budget of 25 billion Won, the drama is expected to create a visual spectacle that will keep the public on the edge of their seats. Photographed in South Korea, Morocco and Portugal, we can expect beautiful film scenarios in addition to hard-hitting action scenes.

Lee Seung-Gi fans are buzzing, as this will be his first drama (Vagabond) after being fired from compulsory military service. We last saw the actor in the Korean Odyssey fantasy drama in 2017.(source-partially: eonline)
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